Dept of non sequiturs


During question period on Wednesday, Mr. Thibault asked the government why it is “hiding the truth” in the Mulroney affair. Tom Lukiwski, a parliamentary secretary, responded by attacking the Liberals’ plans for a carbon tax.


Dept of non sequiturs

  1. It’s even a tax on patience!

    Thank you, I’ll be here I’ll week.

  2. Um, isn’t this the Tory MO in QP every day?

    Q: “Why is the government doing X and Y?”

    A: “Canada’s New Government (TM) is doing things better than those Liberals!”

    Q: “Will the government commit to Z?”

    A: “The Liberals were corrupt and devious!”

  3. Unless, of course Bob Rae asked a question, in which case the response is “You F***ed up Ontario and Mike Harris had to fix it!”

  4. Great, government ala Don Rickles. Their complete disinterest in engaging the opposition, nevermind Canadians, in an honest policy debate on the where they want to take the country, is a schtick that needs to be given the hook.

  5. Sounds like an appropriate response to any question from Robert “Karl-Heinz’s dinner date” Thibeau. My only question is did Bobby stick the taxpayer for the cost of the dinners.

  6. A further example of this sorry Conservative practice was Steven Fletcher’s responses to Judy W-L’s queries on potentially harmful levels of lead in cosmetics on June 16:

    Mr. Steven Fletcher (Parliamentary Secretary for Health, CPC):

    Mr. Speaker, Health Canada monitors the levels of lead or any other toxins in any material. I can tell the member that the levels are within safe criteria.

    My question, though, is this. Why does the Liberal leader want to increase the cost of cosmetics due to his carbon tax?

    Mr. Steven Fletcher (Parliamentary Secretary for Health, CPC):

    Mr. Speaker, Health Canada is continuously monitoring the safety of products, but what Health Canada will not do is put a carbon tax on cosmetics or any other health products.

    It is important that Canadians get the health products they deserve at a reasonable price. That is why we, as a government, will ensure that Canadians have the maximum amount of money in their pockets so they can take care of themselves.


  7. government influence on the market comes in the form of taxation and/or regulation.

    am I missing one? (jawboning doesn’t count)

  8. I swear… If we vote these clowns back in office, we deserve every bit of misery we are sure to get as a result.

  9. no kidding. I finally get old enough to enjoy the sheer sport of wallowing in the smugness of conservatism and only to have the brand usurped by an embarrassment.

    My question was serious because right now it looks like Dion has dibs on the better lever. In marketing that’s referred to as “positioning”. (or was about 20 years ago. some things I don’t keep current on)

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