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“Des effaces, t’en veux-tu?!”


Apropos of nothing, here’s a first-rate pétage de coche by Jean-Luc Mongrain:


I don’t think I’d heard the word “duo-tang” in at least five years.

[via La Clique du Plateau]


“Des effaces, t’en veux-tu?!”

    • Whoa, that list is great. Some early favourites: Cahier Canada, Ballet-jazz, Rouli-roulant, Bicycle (à) Gazéline, K-Way.

      My wife still uses Perette, but that list has made me realize she may be the only one.

  1. Total genius. Haven't laughed like that for a while. And so true. Too many good lines to quote.

  2. That is hilarious.