Designer drug played no part in ‘zombie’ attack, examiner says


Police say the “bath salts” drug had no part in the brutal cannibalism attack against a homeless man in Miami. Rudy Eugene, 31, was dubbed the “Miami Zombie” after he chewed off the face of a homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway in late May. He was then shot to death by Miami police.

It was first thought Eugene was high on a designer street-drug that usually contains at least one amphetamine, like methylone or mephedrone. It can smoked, snorted, or injected, and can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and violent behavior. But not only did Eugene not have bath salts in his system, there was no evidence of LSD, cocaine, heroin, PCP, oxycodone, or amphetamines. The only drug he had in his system, according to medical examiner reports, was marijuana.

Bath salts have thought to be at the root of several attacks, including a 20-year-old who attacked a 77-year-old woman with a shovel.

The U.S. Senate has since passed a new drug legislation that would permanently ban bath salts—all it needs it President Obama’s signature.

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Designer drug played no part in ‘zombie’ attack, examiner says

  1. I’d advise using a grammar checker before publishing articles.

  2. right lol VVVVV

  3. MARIJUANA? HA-HA-HA! what a joke!, the person who said that, probably is the one to be wary of.
    What a laugh……..
    (is doesn’t not MAKE any sense) PLEASE inform yourself before saying all kind of things!!!!
    there is no way that marijuana will do that to you,)
    Gees, that is an insult to one’s intelligence, or,
    Is it a Drug company, that’s behind all that? Wonder how much $$$$$ is involved.

  4. Pathetic and complete lies! There has got to be some sort of Psychosis there. I do not for one moment think that marijuana is at the root of this.I have never nor have I ever seen one person in my 43 years ever react like this or any violent behavior due to smoking pot. I do not know anyone who was ever out of control of themselves at all. Another scare tactic here to avoid the truth and continue the feeble money machine the “war on drugs” has been. What a farce!

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