Detention of Tamil migrants costs $18-million -

Detention of Tamil migrants costs $18-million

107 remain in detention; 5 found to have links to Tamil Tigers


The Canada Border Services Agency says that the detention of the more than 300 Tamil migrants that arrived on the coast of B.C. last August has so far cost $18-million. In all, 107 Tamil migrants remain in custody, and only five have been indirectly linked to the Tamil Tiger fighters, classified as a terrorist group under Canadian law. Canada Border Services said that the total cost of detention per person is about $190 per day.

The Hill Times

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Detention of Tamil migrants costs $18-million

  1. What a charade…The taxpayer is footing the bill at $190.00 a day, not counting the money spent on the lawyers, judges, etc, the schooling of the children, the English lessons, how to cash your cheque, how to shop……what else must the taxpayer pay for….. how to wipe their respective a—-, and wipe the snot from their noses…. All of this on the taxpayers bill, then the government will give them a job at Walmart, The Bay or drive a Zambone to clear the ice while a Canadian native born has to look for his job….. or as I recently was told young men have to collect bottles and cans to survive.There is something drastically wrong that anyone who sets foot on our shores has so much shoved up his a—- because he tells us he is a refugee, while the rest of us have suck it up. Who said Canada wants to give …. I don't….

  2. Canadians can't afford to have children nor themselves due to rising burden taxation and cost of living, yet we are asked to swallow and pay more to the support of None Canadians. At what point does a camel's back break?

  3. Immediate deportation would have been much cheaper.

  4. The Liberal Party of Canada would continue this practice of letting illegal immigrants. Why should we pay a cent. One more reason I will not support the Liberal Policies.

    • The conservatives have been in power for 4 yrs before the migrants arrived, what do the Liberals have to do with this? Why don't the conservatives send them back? your vote is a waste anyway you stupid dummy