Developers get first dibs on Google glasses


Forget your smartphone, how about the ability to shop online, video chat with friends, or check an online map through your glasses?

Google has come one step closer to making their futuristic, internet-connected glasses a viable reality. The specs have been in development for more than two years, and Google recently announced “Project Glass”  in the spring.

Developers plan to sell the device for $1,500 to those attending Google’s annual conference in San Francisco for computer programmers. They won’t be available for sale outside of the conference, which started this week.

The glasses, which will surely get as much praise as it will criticism, isn’t actually a set of lenses and frames, but more like a visor that runs across your brow with a a thicker piece on the right side of your head—almost like if Geordi La Forge’sVISOR stopped at the corner of his right eye.

Futuristic indeed.

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