Dick Cheney to speak in Calgary

Controversial memoir, “In My Time”, to bolster audience questions


Former U.S. Vice-president Dick Cheney will be taking questions from Calgarians at a $500-a-ticket engagement on September 27 at the Palliser. Leah Costello, whose Bon Mot Book Club is responsible for bringing the politician to Calgary, says the event will give its 300 participants a chance to ask Cheney questions about his controversial new memoir, In My Time, which has already been criticized by Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. The last time Cheney was supposed to visit Alberta was in 2005, but he cancelled after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Calgary businessmen Fred Mannix and Dick Bonnycastle are sponsoring the engagement.

The Calgary Herald


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Dick Cheney to speak in Calgary

  1. Shame shame shame on anyone for supporting this ‘person’ in any way over any issue. I do hope someone asks good old Dick how much he made on the tami-flu scam . . .

  2. so, where is this $150000 Canadian going to go, to line Cheney’s pocket or to a charity, after all, all those  participants will be writing the meal off as charity, and lord knows charities are supporting people far better than the Government is.

  3. “There are enough unanswered questions about Powell’s culpability in illegal acts in both Gulf wars that the federal government should deny him entry into Canada. Indeed, the evidence is compelling enough that if Powell does arrive in Canada the government should follow Canada’s war crimes legislation. Under that legislation, according to LAW, Canada is obliged to arrest him and either prosecute him for torture and other crimes, or extradite him to a jurisdiction that is willing to prosecute him.”

    This is a quote from an artile in the TYEE back in 2008 wHen Powell came into Canada to give a speech.  The rules haven’t changed over the years.  Someone in Calgary, a city which has become a suburb of Houston, Texas, should have the guts to place Cheney under citizens arrest when he comes there.

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