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Did a former PMO insider try to dupe Sun Media?

Pierre Karl Péladeau seems to think so


A photo of soldiers in Kuwait, with one of the men falsely identified as Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, was passed to Sun Media as a part of a false “scoop,” according to Sun Media president and chief executive Pierre Karl Péladeau. Mr. Péladeau said the photo was part of a package handed to Sun Media executive Kory Teneycke by Patrick Muttart, the former deputy chief of staff in the Prime Minister’s Office. In an article published in the Sun papers, Péladeau writes: “[Muttart] claimed to be in possession of a report prepared by a ‘U.S. source’ outlining the activities and whereabouts of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff in the weeks and months leading to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.” The allegation was that Mr. Ignatieff played a larger role in the planning for the Iraq war than he has previous admitted. “This is about politics as war by other means,” Péladeau adds, “and a lie that might have claimed our company as a casualty.”

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Did a former PMO insider try to dupe Sun Media?

  1. Here we go, Canada is one step closer to being Harpers dream America. Fox News North made this story up to make it look like they are watching for this kind of thing when in fact they are setting the stage for an avalanche of falsehoods against the left in this country. They will reference this 'story' as proof that they are not being fed by Harper.

    • Thanks for doing your part to make sure we stay above that standard…..cough cough.

  2. “This is about politics as war by other means,” Péladeau adds, “and a lie that might have claimed our company as a casualty.”

    Good thing Sun Media has fact checkers on staff. ;-)

  3. "Did a former PMO insider try to dupe Sun Media?"
    By the way, are they talking about Teneycke or Muttart?

  4. The hungry jackals at SUN gobbled it up. They were anything but dupes.

  5. More proof that Harper & Co are untrustworthy. Deliberately lying to smear an opponent in this manner is beneath contempt – and sadly, all too typical.

    Wake up, Canada!!!

    • you mean Rise….Rise up Canada…right?

  6. Speaking of Conservative corruption, there is much more about Bruce Carson, Harper's main oil patch shill, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to make dirty oil look clean:

  7. Seriously? regardless of stripes, have you ever seen someone so blatantly lie day in & day out straight to your face the way Stephen Harper does?.

    I helped vote this thing into power & am completely blown away ever time I see a clip of his fear mongering campaign each & every day of this campaign, its unbelievable, literally!.

    I've voted Conservative, PC, NDP & Liberal over my years so please don't assume I'm just an ABC person, I'm not. but this guy is by far the lowest of the low I've ever seen, straight out of the American playbook of say anything to scare people into following you, regardless of TRUTH & HONOR.

    I find it just sickening as a proud Canadian.

    • Have you ever seen someone so blatantly lie day in and say out straight to your face the way Stephen Harper does?
      That is like me asking everyone on this comment board if any of them know anyone else at all who is abusive to their spouse and children as Layton Mania! is?

  8. Shouldn't the Conservatives be trying to doctor pictures of Layton and not Ignatieff? Layton's the real threat right now. Iggy's free-falling all by his lonesome.

  9. Please folks… remember the Jerry Maguire rule: Follow the money!!!! This story is all about PK Péladeau cutting loose from the Conservative — Oops The Harper Government!!! PKP has realized that he risks loosing the fortune he has invested in setting up his Sun News operation. Obviously he now understands that either a very short-lived Conservative minority government, or an NDP-led minority government will ultimately lead to a CRTC investigation of the Sun Media or rather Sun News (the broadcaster) operating as part of the conservative party dirty tricks gang – deliberately participating in unethical behavior and interfering and subverting the political process. This might be just fine and dandy when you're in the newspaper business, but it isn't ok when you're in the broadcasting business and must have and continue to hold a government-issued licence. A CRTC investigation may already be under way and this is the reason PKP is panicking! It may also explain why the Conservative party inside operatives are so upset. They see their good and loyal media servant jumping ship AND accusing them of dirty tricks in order to distance itself from the sinking conservative battleship. There is nothing more demoralizing in politics than to see your fair-weather friends turn tail and scamper off the deck and into the life boats.

    This also explains why Patrick Muttart and his employer Mercury are bemused by the fact that the company that hired them to set up the News operation is now denigrating them unexpectedly. It probably means there the Muttart version of the story is true in the sense that he passed-on the photo to Sun News with the caveat that there was no guarantee that the man in the photo was actually Ignatieff. It was just one of those friendly PR moves where you pass along a titillating tidbit of information. Its use might create enough temporary distortion in the final days of the election campaign to ensure a victory. So you pass it on to your former PMO buddy who now happens to be vice-president of Sun News and has been working with you for the greater glory of the "party" and the "leader"and the "cause". However the only problem for PKP and Quebecor now is — What if von Harper is no longer Prime Minister in the next few months? What if your television news organization has already transgressed by doing the initial story on April 20th? What if the story has gone largely unnoticed by everyone except those targeted — but they now realize that there is deliberate use of false or fabricated information by Sun News and decide to file a complaint with the CRTC? What if an investigation by the CRTC results in the yanking of the broadcast licence for reasons of inappropriate and unethical activities? Keep in mind the morale character of the licensee is an important factor in regulatory granting of licenses. — this would result in a major financial blow for PKP and Quebecor… After all, a broadcaster with no licence to broadcast has no revenue. Has von Finckenstein decided to return the slap to von Harper and his sycophants? Is this the revenge of the Bureaucracy?

    So…. the best offense in public relations — tell the biggest lie you can think of, because people will believe a preposterous lie more than a small lie. So you get the CEO and owner himself to come out with all the dramatic flair of a courtroom lawyer and claim "We've been duped!" <PKP turns and delivers directly into the camera> "If any proof is needed to dispel the false yet still prevalent notion that Sun Media and the Sun News Network are the official organs of the Conservative Party of Canada, I offer this unfortunate episode as Exhibit A," <keep looking into the camera PKP….. don't blink….. and we're out in 5-4-3-2-1 It's a Wrap! >

    So this story makes no sense to anyone… that's because it was never intended to make sense. It was meant to divert attention. Remember what the Great Oz yelled to Dorothy and her friends… "PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN!" Follow the money… follow the sound of the coins falling from PKP's torn and tattered suit or respectability. There is a fortune that maybe lost from those pockets.

  10. ok