Did missing gold “flow” out of Mint?

Gold could have been turned to liquid, making it undetectable to metal scanners


Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the missing gold saga at the Royal Canadian Mint is the speculation—some wild, some informed—as to how $15 million worth of it was stolen. The latest theory: someone melted the gold into an acid solution, rendering it immune to metal detectors in place to prevent the theft of precious metals from the Mint. As to the investigation, well, you’ve heard this before, but the Mounties are still investigating. In other words, no one’s holding his breath. Anyway, given the price of your average Hollywood summer blockbuster, $15 million doesn’t seem that bad for a few weeks of intrigue. This may prove to be the heist to end all heists.

Ottawa Citizen

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Did missing gold “flow” out of Mint?

  1. "someone melted the gold into an acid solution"

    They swallowed it?

  2. Wouldn't it have been easier to turn the metal detectors off?

  3. That would be a lot of liquid.

  4. More like the gold never made into the mint in the first place, but was recorded as being delivered safely.

  5. We're being picked clean on every front. I can't wait to hear the next pathetic boondoggle. Did someone say "sitting ducks'?