Dilapidated Corner Gas set an eyesore

Mayor of Rouleau says he could slap producers with nuisance bylaw charge


The filling station and cafe made famous by Brent Butt’s Corner Gas have been largely abandoned since the show wrapped up last year, and Allen Kuhlmann, mayor of Rouleau, Sask.—AKA Dog River—ain’t happy. Overgrown by weeds, the windows boarded up, the set is no longer the happy tourist destination Rouleau needs. “We have a lot of tourists who are really disgusted with the state that the set is in and the fact that there’s no access and it’s just kind of been abandoned,” says Kuhlmann. Barry Janyk, the mayor of Gibsons, B.C., where famed ’80s Canadian show The Beachcombers was long shot, may have a solution for Rouleau. Gibsons transformed the set of the show’s cafe, Molly’s Reach, into the real deal. It’s now one of the busiest places in town. “We’d be lost without having a place like Molly’s Reach.”

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Dilapidated Corner Gas set an eyesore

  1. Is the F 'n E missing from the sign?

  2. I think it is the Mayor that needs the slap. Rouleau enjoyed many years of tourist activity and financial benefit from Corner Gas. How quickly they forget. The show could have been filmed anywhere but chose Rouleau. If the Mayor and town had any gumption and creativity they would capitalize on this while they have the chance instead of whining like children.

  3. eneri.I was disgusted with Rouleau a couple of months ago.After travelling 800 kms we couldnt even buy a souvenir.The local residents were also very unfriendly.

  4. It is unfortunate that the Mayor of Rouleau has provided inaccurate information to the media and public. The Corner Gas set is NOT deteriorating nor has it been abandoned. It is true that the set does not look the same as it does during filming. However, there is a very good reason for this – security. During the filming season there is security at the set 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The significant cost of this security has been paid for by the production company. If the Corner Gas sign, the gas pumps and other key props where left unattended they would be gone very very quickly. If the windows were not protected the glass would be broken and the interior of the building would be vandalized. As it is, a number of people have tried to pry off the plywood to gain access to the building.

    The Mayor of Rouleau is quick to criticize the production company for the “deteriorating” condition of the set. I would like someone in the media to ask the Mayor what the production company has done for the town of Rouleau over the past six years.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent directly in the town of Rouleau. Tens of thousands of dollars have been donated to the local school to help purchases much need supplies and equipment. The producers, cast and crew have made themselves available on numerous occasions to help promote local events. Items have been made available for local charity auctions. Money was donated to help purchase new hockey jerseys and socks for the entire Rouleau hockey league. And there is more…

    But you don't hear about these things. The producers, cast and crew were very happy to quietly support the town of Rouleau. The relation with the town and its residents was, for the most part, extremely positive.

    It is not the responsibility of the production company to create a tourism industry for the town of Rouleau. The town has benefited much over the past six years without having to put too much into it.

    It is time for the Mayor of Rouleau to start acting professionally and approach this issue with diplomacy and not a shovel.