Director Xavier Dolan: banned in Quebec and censored on Youtube


Xavier Dolan continues to push buttons. The 24-year-old director, acclaimed for his 2009 debut I Killed My Mother, recently shot a video for French new wave act Indochine’s single College Boy in which the lead character, a gay teen, is bullied, beaten, harassed, crucified and shot multiple times.

Filmed in the playground of a downtown Montreal school, the black-and-white video was almost instantly banned on Quebec’s MusiquePlus channel, and censored on YouTube shortly after.

Dolan says the video has an anti-bullying message, and should be seen. “Preventing the young generation from seeing the clip is to prevent them from understanding this message at the most crucial age,” he told France 24.

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Director Xavier Dolan: banned in Quebec and censored on Youtube

  1. This video has no anti-bullying message, IMHO. If it hadn’t been censored or banned it would have been ignored. It’s nothing but self-indulgence by the film-maker who has masked his graphic depiction of violence by saying it’s got a message.

    Behavior change communications is a very difficult task. It is not done effectively by showing the acts that it is trying to prevent. Change comes from within; it cannot be imposed on a viewer. No bully is going to internalize any message from this film and stop bullying.

    On the contrary, If the message really was to prevent bullying, the film-maker has created an unintentional result: it glorifies violence and stigmatizes the victims of bullying.

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