Dismantling another pillar of Bush’s social conservatism policies

Obama plans to throw out the controversial “conscience rule”


The Obama administration is expected today to rescind a controversial rule that allows health-care workers to deny abortion counseling or other family planning services if doing so would violate their moral beliefs. The rollback of the so-called “conscience rule” comes just two months after the Bush administration announced it late last year in one of its final policy initiatives. Seven states, including California, Illinois and Connecticut, as well as two family planning groups, have filed lawsuits challenging the Bush rule, arguing that it sacrifices the health of patients to religious beliefs of medical providers.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

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Dismantling another pillar of Bush’s social conservatism policies

  1. Wonderful. They’re going to start jailing doctors who refuse to refer women for abortions.

    And so it begins.

  2. Is for instance, the denying of a women’s right to choice, on the same order as say, denying a person of colour the right to choose where they would like to eat, sleep, vote or send their kids to school? Is it of the same order as freedom of religion? Or, is it simply wrong of me to draw conparisons?
    Solomon! Where art thou?

    • If the choice results in a dead baby, let me know. Otherwise your comparisons are faulty.

      • You do know the tale of Solomon and the women both claiming to be mothers of the same baby?

  3. High time some of Dubya’s roadblocks to progress were removed. Neurological scientists are silently cursing him for vetoing the decision of Congress and outlawing embryo stem-cell research. Oh, the contributions of Religion!!!

  4. Perhaps both sides are too near sided on this issue. Abortion is not and should not be a cure to unwanted pregnancy, especially as a use of birth control. However, those stammering for the right of an unborn child do so until its birth….then its on its own.

    Living in poverty? Too bad, thats the pursuit of capitalism. Malnurished? Sorry. Dropped out of school to get a job?? Good luck going anywhere.

    Perhaps its time we look past for or against abortion and look at the causes and try and eliminate the roots of the abortion. Proper health Education, Pre and post natal care, day care, universal well funded education system.

    But why would we want to educate our citizens?

    • If you mean that we should be making efforts to allow doctors to practice as their conscience dictates while still allowing pregnant women to get access to the full range of services our health care system provides, then I agree.

      But I have the feeling you don’t, so the answer to your post is ‘nope’.

      • I am not talking about doctors conscience, nor a woman’s right to choice. I am talking about the social mechanisms which, under most circumstances, make Abortion a necessary option. Poverty, abuse, education.

        I am saying that we need to get past the idea that it is solely up to the conscience of the Doctor, or the choices of the woman to decide, and decide that we should look after one another.

        Abortion is far too near sighted; a quick fix if you will. And social conservatives that believe in the sanctity of life often (not always) will fight for the life of the unborn child, but as I said, as soon as it is born it is on its own, no matter its circumstances.

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