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DND computers used to vandalize Wikipedia entry on fighter jets

Removal of information critical of Harper traced back to CFB Cold Lake


The rhetorical battle over Wikipedia’s entry on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)—and the Conservative government’s plan to spend $16 billion on the new stealth jet—is centered CFB Cold Lake, Alta., according to a report in the Ottawa Citizen. Users of the online encyclopedia have repeatedly vandalized the page about the JSF, removing criticism of the government’s purchase of the jets and inserting digs aimed at Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. But it appears the vandals aren’t simply disinterested observers: the computers used to alter the entry were on a Defence Department network and the Citizen has traced them back to the Alberta base that’s expected to be a major centre for the JSF. A spokesperson for the Defence Department says an investigation into the incident is underway.

Ottawa Citizen

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DND computers used to vandalize Wikipedia entry on fighter jets

  1. I can hardly believe that our Conservative government would do something like that…

    • Youre surprised?! Theyve been doing these sketchy things since they started!

  2. Im sure it was just a rogue employee! Nothing to see here folks, move right along!

  3. Wikipedia will support the troops.

  4. I think certain commenters at MacLeans should have to account for their RL whereabouts at the exact time….

  5. Just how does one “vandalize” Wikipedia? Sounds to me that the people on the DND computers were just doing what nearly all people who use Wikipedia do – changing things to reflect their own opinions. Anyone can edit anything on Wiki. Just ask George Bush about all the editing to his entry that was done from US Congress computers! It happens all the time, and there’s plenty of examples in the internet of this.

    • Yeah for you…couldn't have said it better…

    • I'm no wiki geek. But I do know that what you are talking about comes pretty close to their definition of vandalism… if it is only opinion, or is an opinion not specifically labelled as such (i.e., in a controversy section), or a case of removing information without properly justifying doing so, than it is considered vandalism.

      I doubt that the DND is this stupid as an institution… when governments, businesses or any interest group want to edit wiki articles they probably use proxies to do it without drawing attention to themselves… the department press release is probably right that this was just some hack messing around on the public dollar.