Do the Bixi

Audio Tour: A day at play with Montreal’s latest bicycle craze


090708_bixibikeView the audio/photo review of  Bixi, the Montreal rental bike.


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Do the Bixi

  1. This is pretty cool. I like the clear photos that are in sync with the voice over.

    I am curious to know why you need a 50 page booklet that explains how to ride the bike. Would have thought it was self-evident but who knows.

    • My guess is that 49.5 pages (or so) of the fifty relieve the city of Montreal of any liability for death or injury…

  2. Nice review, Martin. I didn't hear you address the (no-)helmet availability issue, although I am happy for you that your own noggin was suitably protected.

    I had heard initial reports that the service was both surprisingly wildly popular and surprisingly untainted by theft and vandalism. Then I heard (or read?) that vandals had indeed started targeting these bikes and-or stands. What's the truth on that score?

    And I am now updating my mental pronunciation from the francophone Pa-tri-QUAYnh to the United Empire Loyalist PA-tri-kwin. Should have guessed, you being a "maudit" and all.

    And final note: this audio slide show is a very nice complement to all the other treats here at Your whole team makes every return visit worth the trip. Thanks.

    • Bixi user here. The vandalism has been a huuuuge (but localized) pain. People found a way to steal the bikes from the stands -it's hard, but 2-3 pers. can do it if they join forces. It's really stupid, because they usually leave the bike at another station, since you can't really keep a stolen bixi (too obvious).

      A lot of stands are broken right now, but the city upgraded the lock mecanism… we'll see.