Do they know the money was stolen? -

Do they know the money was stolen?

Investigation reveals money from Ethiopian famine relief campaign was used to buy guns


Did you buy a copy of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in 1984 or otherwise donate to the massive Ethiopian famine relief campaign that year? According to an investigation by the BBC, your money might have been used to buy guns and sacks of sand. An investigation by the BBC has revealed that rebel leaders then fighting the Ethiopian government posed as grain merchants when meeting with charity workers. They then sold the aid workers bags of sand hidden under a top layer of grain, and used the money they received in return to buy weapons. One rebel leader estimated that $100 million from Western governments and charities—including the Band Aid campaign—was stolen to fund a war.

BBC News

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Do they know the money was stolen?

  1. A lot of us social cons knew this at the time and refused to give anything but actual food in consequence.

    We were also fully aware that (a) the famine had resulted from the policies of the communist regime that had taken charge (not an uncommon phenomenon) and (b) a lot of the money being naively donated by the West was being funneled to Mengistu's regime. It would be funny, if it weren't so sad, that the BBC is only now able to report these facts – now that Communism is no longer bound up in left/right politics as it was in the Reagan/Thatcher era – rather than exposing them at the time when it might actually have helped those who were starving.

  2. I thought this had been proven long before, and not just in the minds of conservatives but in the actual real world. Heck, I think I read about in Maxim.

  3. What is really funny, is that thoday John Geddes writes a piece slamming the government for not increasing aid to forign countries. We all know that a huge chunk of it gets scammed, but it makes some people feel warm and fuzzy to do it. Here is the link to his article.

  4. i seem to remember hearing years ago that much of the money never made it to the cause ..and here is a suprise ..if you give somebody on the street money it probably doesn't end up being spent on food

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