Doctors push for “milk banks” to help premature babies

Moms could donate pasteurized milk to feed babies who need it


Provinces are being urged to consider opening milk banks, as doctors say that pasteurized breast milk donated by nursing moms could help save the lives of premature babies whose mothers aren’t producing enough milk, Postmedia News reports. Breast milk offers many benefits to newborn babies, like improved development to lower rates of infection, according to the Canadian Paediatric Society, which represents nearly 3,000 pediatricians. Each year, 250,000 children are born in Canada and the roup estimates that 7 per cent are premature. The group added that 95 per cent of moms pump breast milk, but only 50 per cent produce enough to feed their babies, and milk banks could save many lives. Researchers will examine the difference between natural breast milk and pasteurized donor milk on premature babies.

Montreal Gazette

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Doctors push for “milk banks” to help premature babies

  1. 'Milk Banks' would be illegal in Ontario, the Milk Marketing Board has a monopoly on milk, they are very wealthy and powerful, they can easily get the police to shut down competition.

  2. Philanthropist,

    This isn't a for-profit venture, there is a need for milk bank for newborns. Besides how is this competition the Milk Marketing Board? Newborns generally drink breast milk, or formula.

    Even if they decide to fight this, it would be a PR nightmare for them.

  3. What they are proposing – breast-milk banks for underweight newborns – would likely exist in hospital settings, similar to blood banks. The donations and use of the "medically ordered bank" would not be under the scrutiny of anyone beyond the medical community.