Documents show Elections Canada is not investigating robocalls outside Guelph

Allegations are widespread, but investigation into the robocalls scandal is narrower


Court documents made public Monday show investigators at Elections Canada are not investigating the robocalls affair nationally, the National Post reports. Although spokespersons from Elections Canada have told the public that they are making a full investigation into reports of fraudulent and deceptive calls across Canada during the 2011 election, they have not sought phone or Internet records for any calls beyond Guelph, Ont.

While Guelph has been the epicenter of news from the robocalls scandal, Elections Canada has received complaints from over 200 ridings across the country. The documents give no indication of any investigation beyond the hunt for the “Pierre Poutine” suspect behind fraudulent robocalls made to non-Conservative voters in Guelph in 2011.

Elections Canada has reported that it received 1,394 complaints about alleged misleading robocalls in 234 ridings. Voters in seven ridings are to have election results overturned. In Nipissing-Timiskaming, where Conservative Jay Aspin defeated Liberal incumbent Anthony Rota by 18 votes, a call centre worker signed an affidavit which said that she was instructed to give people polling station locations that she came to believe were false.

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Documents show Elections Canada is not investigating robocalls outside Guelph

  1. This is not too surprising. Harper appointing a flunky to the position of chief electoral officer defiling yet another independent government agency. This just adds a new level of corruption to Harper’s endless barrage of patronage appointments.

    He vowed to end patronage appointments and became the King of Patronage. “Promises made, promises kept…”

  2. If Elections Canada fails to investigate the robocall allegations completely and impartially, then fails to justify that decision convincingly, the blowback on the Harper government will never end. Not only will the new narrative include voter suppression but cover-up, as well, abetted by an “arms length” agency (whose Commissioner was newly appointed during Harper’s tenure).

    If the Cons are as innocent of participation in the robocall fiasco as they continue to protest, it’s in their long term best interests to ensure a transparent and comprehensive investigation of all the allegations is seen to be done.

    • One would like to think so, but after the last election I’m convinced voters just don’t care about corruption anymore; they just assume it’s a given no matter who is elected.

      Pretty sad state of affairs, really.

  3. I don;t think we’re ever going to get to the bottom of this. Our only hope was a public inquiry, but harpo has made sure to block all attempts at investigating allegations.

  4. The system has failed us.
    We’ll need to rip it out, and put in a new one.

  5. These corrupt bastards need to be thrown out and ultimately prosecuted.

  6. There is no amount of other people’s money you lefties would spend to try and find some scrap of evidence to justify your irrational and mindless support of the liberals and NDP. The liberals were the only party convicted. Elections Canada is loaded with card carrying union members who would gladly blow a wad of money to get the Conservatives in trouble.

    • Obviously you’re on the conservative payroll. Keep trying to push the BS narrative. We all saw Harper corrupt EC with his patronage appointment.