Documents show Kenney using his office for partisan purposes

Email signed by minister attacks Bloc Québécois, promotes Tories


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney once again finds himself in hot water over allegations he’s using his post for partisan gain. Documents obtained by La Presse show Kenney’s office attacked the Bloc Québécois in an email that also reprised Conservative advertising slogans. “The Bloc may claim to defend Quebec’s interests, but the reality is entirely different,” read the email signed by Kenney, which elsewhere dealt with the visas imposed on Mexican tourists. “Thankfully, our Conservative government is delivering the goods to Quebecers!” Two other documents inviting the Greek and Chinese communities to luncheons with Kenney and Conservative Senator and fundraiser Leo Housakos were also sent from the offices of Tory ministers. “There no problem there,” Kenney said in an interview with the Montreal daily. “What you’re describing is how our democracy works.”

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Documents show Kenney using his office for partisan purposes

  1. “There no problem there,” Kenney said in an interview with the Montreal daily. “What you're describing is how our democracy works.”

    Kenney should have added "in Stevie's ant farm" to make his comment complete.

    Because, as we all know, Stevie makes the rules. He said so himself.

  2. Ugh again?!

    More peebles for the opposition to throw at the CPC and look foolish in doing so.

    The opposition needs to sit tight and wait for another big mistake like prorogation or something similar and then pounce on the opportunity.

    • Pebles, not peebles!

      That's the second time today….

      • Uh…pebbles?

        • Hahahah


  3. What Kenny meant to say is: "This is how democracy GETS BROKEN!"

  4. Kenney also added: "You get what you pay for." and "Before I take your question, might I ask what party your ethnicity traditionally votes for? K thx."

  5. It would be a surprise and a big scandal if Kenney wrote a glowing praise of the Bloc!

  6. I'm sure that when and if the Sanctimonious Libs were and return to power that they would never use their offices for partisan puposes!!! Hello Pot, meet kettle!!! Hypocrites one and all !!!!

  7. Kenney cannot be wrong or unethical. By definition.

    He speaks for the Harper Government.

    Anyone attacking Kenney is attacking the Government, attacking Canada.

    Bunch of pinko jihadists. If you hate Canada, git to Gitmo.

    • There is no Canada; only Harperland. Did you miss the memo? It was on official stationery and everything!

  8. What I don't understand is how the right preaches values and accountability(pointing always to liberal transgressions), but somehow when the conservatives do it, it's ok. What we need are laws that punish in a significant manner when political parties cross the line, we after all need somebody to fill all those new prisons being built for unreported crimes.

  9. funny… canadians were ready to string people up over the sponsorship scandal. they were livid.
    so they elected harper.
    now he gets caught CHEATING his way into power through financing fraud,
    his ministers are OPENLY violating rules and shrugging accusations off with a smirk
    breaking laws
    generally ruining democracy in a way that makes the sponsorship scandal look like craps game put behind the dairy queen

    and canadians are whining: "uh-LECK-shuuunnnn….????? Aw….. we don't want an uh-LECK-shun….. those are BOOOORiiiinnnggggg……."

    what the hell is wrong with us? in a sane country with people who actually care about stuff, Harper would have been dragged from his bed in the night and arrested. but here…. man….

    Harper is the worst crook to ever hold office and a full third of the country is saying "Yeah! Good on him! If you gotta break laws to keepm the liberals out, then so be it. what matters is LOW TAXES, not fair and clear elections or fact-based policy."

    you media-addled nincompoops DESERVE Harper. you are too damn lazy, entitled, spoiled and STUPID to run a democracy. a dictatorship is best. you are just not mature enough to have a democracy, canada, you have proven that time and again.

  10. Magog, you don't understand conservative thinking. Conservative is the benchmark which other frameworks either fail, or overshoot, and if they do so, they risk ethical or moral failure by the very instability incurred by being not-Conservative.
    a) missing the mark, they are already incorrect ipso facto.
    b) moral and ethical missteps following from (a) are doubly condemned. They were preventable: Conservative governments never do wrong. They CANNOT.

  11. Kenneygate… "The Horror, the horror"… I feel for the Separatists… from what the media tells me, their pretty good guys… and they speak French or something… in other overblown, completely contrived media led hysteria…. I heard someone in the Conservative Government farted. Can you believe it? I kid you NOT! Now the question is… was that a Conservative fart? or a Government fart? Maybe it was a Conservative Government fart… I don't know, all these farts are getting confusing. Thankfully the unbiased media is here to tell us which fart is which, and who farted and when said fart was farted… Either way I prefer the sounds and smells of Liberal farts, because when a Liberal farts no one cares, we just lose a lot of money… I call this one "Fartgate". Add "Fartgate" to the Liberal, media theme in the election their about to force.

  12. Didn't Deuceppe bad mouthed Canada and urging other countries to honor Quebec separation from the rest of the country by using an official Canadian letter head?

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