Does Ottawa intend to build an arena in Quebec City or not? -

Does Ottawa intend to build an arena in Quebec City or not?

Conservative minister says federal government still open to the idea


If you thought Stephen Harper had definitively ruled out funding an NHL arena in Quebec City, you’d be wrong, says the Conservatives’ Quebec lieutenant, Christian Paradis. Paradis, the federal natural resources minister, told reporters on Tuesday that Ottawa’s interest in the project is very much alive, provided the arena serves a public purpose and isn’t solely intended for professional sports. Of course, the arena project has never been sold as being exclusively reserved for the Nordiques—the prospect of Quebec City landing the 2022 Winter Games has always been front and centre—so it’s not obvious what clarification Paradis has in fact brought to the issue.

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Does Ottawa intend to build an arena in Quebec City or not?

  1. The idea that this arena is REALLY meant to be built because QC MIGHT want to put a bid in on the 2022 games is completely ridiculous. Athens did not start building it's stadium until after they won the bid. Same story with Bejing.

    If QC wants to bid on 2022, great. Go ahead. Good luck. Hope you win. If they do win, lets bring this NHL in QC up again, when it makes more sense. But until then…

    No subsidies for NHL arenas, anywhere in Canada!

    • <sarcasm> sh@t why not? we are contemplating building an arena for an NHL team that QC might get! </sarcasm>

      i love when our government starts to government in the realm of hypotheticals. next order of stimulus funding might subsidize unicorn farms!

      • I completely missed that angle! Haven't even got an NHL team yet!! Right you are.

        • Bettman plays this game in every potential market: "Call us when you have an NHL standard facility". Then some bandit (or consortium of bandits) sets up shop with a crappy team, which it eventually threatens to move unless it gets a more favourable lease.

          They've been playing municipalities all over North America for suckers with this traveling circus for years. An arena in Quebec will be used to leverage a better deal out of Kansas City or Portland or Hamilton or…