Does your spouse suffer from ADHD? -

Does your spouse suffer from ADHD?

Attention problems can hurt a marriage: experts


Attention problems can cause a marriage to suffer, mental health experts told the New York Times, as common symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—distraction, disorganization, and forgetfulness—can look like laziness or selfishness, and a lack of concern for the partner. At least 4 per cent of adults have ADHD, often learning coping skills to stay focused at work but struggling at home. These adults are twice as likely to be divorced, some research suggests. In one study, high levels of distress were reported in 60 per cent of marriages where one spouse had the disorder.

New York Times

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Does your spouse suffer from ADHD?

  1. In other news: Pharmaceutical companies miss the profitable Ritalin sales from the 90's.

  2. i am probably the one with adhd….. but i think it helps the marriage…couldn't cope with out it in other words!! i highly recommend some kind of hearing or learning or attention disorder…

  3. Please excuse typo — the first paragraph should read '''the longer a person lives with ADHD going unrecognized…."

    thank you