Doing her sisters proud



Anne-Marie Losique has made a career out of being an unabashed dirty, flirty, 30-something so-and-so. She’s been criticized–“skank-TV hostess” is how the Gazette’s Don Macpherson has described her–but AML has never seemed the least bit fazed by her detractors. Just the opposite, actually: she seems to revel in her own skankatude, to coin a would-be Macphersonism, by consistently outdoing herself. Her most recent effort: Pole Position Quebec, in which Losique will wander the Quebec hinterland, looking for its best, brightest stripper pole artistes. (Kudos to the CP writer who got this glorious description of Losique into his/her copy: “[A] TV star known for her scanty on-screen outfits, flirtatious personality and time spent on actor Ben Affleck’s lap.”)

Not to worry, English people: Losique plans on spreading the love to the rest of the country soon enough, provided the Quebec version is a hit–and it will be.

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Doing her sisters proud

  1. Here’s hoping this is an OLD video that predates Ben’s marriage. Hard to watch.

  2. This is Macleans worthy? Really?

  3. If only that was a one time thing. I used to LOVE these Affleck interviews on box office, he’s so freakin awesome. It’s like their thing. I can think of at least 5 of these interviews. For Pearl Harbor, they were told to tone it down by the people doing an interview next to them, cause Losique was screaming/laughing like a little girl. And there’s this interview on some airport runway where … I don’t remeber if he tries to kiss her or grab her butt, but it’s something equally appropriate.

    I love this guy!

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