Don Cherry goes trollin' ... Tweeps comply -

Don Cherry goes trollin’ … Tweeps comply


Don Cherry goes trollin’ … Tweeps comply

It’s never news when Don Cherry says something stupid on Coaches Corner. Even still, there are times — like Saturday night, for example — when there’s simply no ignoring the words that come out of his mouth:

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"we do not have crime in hockey. We do not have drugs in hockey. We all respect ourselves and others" -don cherry #hockeynightincanadaCam Nickels
Don Cherry "We don’t have drugs in hockey" #HNIC #naiveDavid Rombough
‘(Hockey is) the only sport in the world where we have respect for each other and are polite’ – Don Cherry. Over to you, Twitterverse! #hnicjian ghomeshi
Just got caught up on what Don Cherry said. Um, what?Jake Goldsbie
If Don Cherry believes there’s no drugs in hockey he’s either very old, very naive or both.Chicago Sports
Catching up on Don Cherry, and he said there were no drugs in hockey, and that ties make you good, and it’s official: He’s my late grandma.Bruce Arthur
But seriously, Don Cherry said there are no drugs in hockey, the year after Derek Boogaard died of an overdose.Bruce Arthur
One thing is for sure. The @NHL faux war on reckless play leading to needless injuries is much a farce as the war on drugs. #shamJeff Quirin
Only in hockey could don cherry show guys fighting each other for 3 minutes and then talk about how hockey is the only game with respect.Phil M
I’m laughing so hard at the Don Cherry quotes tonight. Almost falling off my chair.Sean Hartnett
Don Cherry is so out of touchJZ
Don Cherry said stupid stuff? You don’t say! Also: water is wet. Glad I changed channel & skipped coach’s cornerLisa Marie
Don Cherry is terrible. Every time I watch coaches corner I’m always left wondering "What the f*** is he talking about"?Dwayne Brown
It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Don Cherry is Canada’s version of Donald Trump… Except with hockey.Colin O’Neill
My TL is covered in Cherry hate. If you don’t like him, why do so many people watch? Is there nothing else on tv?Jinja Ninja
I see that "Don Cherry" is trending. Surely can’t be anything controversial…Danne D
Get Don Cherry off my TVTommy

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Don Cherry goes trollin’ … Tweeps comply

  1. Oh for goodness sake twitterverse. Cherry is a homer all the way through. Even to the extent of saying silly stuff like there’s no drugs in hockey. As for the rest you have to take him with a grain of salt or don’t take him at all. But all this smugness and self righteous indignation directed at him is on the whole more nauseating than his own stupidity. The guys heart is in the right place, and always beats first for others, even if it beats oddly at times. As long as he keeps it to hockey i’m not that bothered.

    • Sorry, I came in late…..

      The guys heart is in the right place, and always beats first for others, even if it beats oddly at times

      Are you talking about Mike Duffy?

      • :) Cherry does a lot of charity type stuff for needy kids. I don’t like the guys politics, but I respect the work he does on the side.

        • Cue “Hitler made the trains run on time” analogy in 5, 4, 3, 2….



          • Oh god! Now you’ve done it. You’ve made the connection between the Don and that guy. Good job this isn’t on twitter. :)

    • People do often overreact to Cherry, sure, but as much as people should take a breath when he says something patently ridiculous (which is to say, when he says something on a Saturday, lol) people should also take a breath when responding to the masses complaining that he just said something patently ridiculous.

      As for what he said, even if it’s “just” “homerism”, the fact remains that when you say something as a “homer” which is so obviously false, it arguably does more damage to the “home team” than when you just say something that’s run of the mill inane. I mean, pretending that hockey is the only sport without drugs isn’t just naive, it’s idiotic. And this notion that hockey is the only sport where the players really respect each other??? Really? You mean the same sport that basically INVENTED the notion of an “upper body injury” to mitigate against the fear that if the other team’s players know where your injury is they’ll deliberately target it to re-injure you and force you out of the game? The same sport that SEAN AVERY spent his career playing???

      Finally, I think it’s only fair to point out that many people are so sick of Don Cherry that they’re just bound to react to every idiotic thing he says, even when he DOES confine himself to hockey, and even when his comments are more “inane” than patently offensive. Sure, it’s less nausea-inducing in those instances when he’s actually talking about hockey than when he’s spouting off about domestic or international politics, or when he goes on one of his subtly (and occasionally OVERTLY) racist tirades, but people are going to respond to his less offensive comments in the context of his more offensive ones, that’s just natural, isn’t it?

      That said, you’re right that people just need to take him with a grain of salt, like the old guy on his porch yelling at kids to keep off his lawn. That said, even when he’s only inanely protecting his front lawn, people are still going to remember last week when he yelled at the kids to go back to Norespectistan with their dirty commie parents.

      • The point surely is that’s he’s simply stupid? I get the feeling some folks think he’s evil.

        • Well, yes, on that point we certainly agree. To the extent that people criticize Cherry for being a “bad person”, I think they’re almost always over-reacting (though he certainly has said things that make me question your “his heart’s in the right place” argument… I think it usually is, but not necessarily always!).

          So, yes, people certainly overreact to Cherry, but especially when they confine their reactions to “that’s just so incredibly idiotic” (as opposed to “that’s incredibly bad”) I really don’t mind the over-reaction. I guess I just have trouble criticizing people for reacting to DON CHERRY with hyperbole. What’s sauce for the goose, after all…

  2. Twitter the home of the couch dwellers who consider getting up from the computer and walking to the kitchen to grab a bag of ding dongs and a case of Dr.Pepper a major athletic feat!

    • It’s a funny line, but does it mitigate against the fact that in this instance the couch dwellers are clearly correct, and Don Cherry is clearly off his rocker?

  3. Don who? Is that the loud-mouthed clown whose suits are made from living room drapes? I haven’t watched Coach’s Corner for so long I’ve almost managed to forget what he looks like.

  4. Not convinced that Cherry was trolling…

    Also, one tweep noted that Cherry is Canada’s Trump – could it be that they are actually the same fellow? Anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time? Inquiring minds want to know. :-)

  5. Mr. Cherry is a Canadian national treasure. His comments and passion are what makes him so marevlous. Also, his love for hockey, is equal to those who protect and serve.