Donald Trump has Twitter meltdown after Obama victory -

Donald Trump has Twitter meltdown after Obama victory

He ‘has driven well past the last exit to relevance,’ says NBC host


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Donald Trump has Twitter meltdown after Obama victory

  1. cool. goin’ to jail for treason. how trump-ian

  2. i hope the FBI CIA and Secret Service all climb up Trump’s ass for this.

  3. This is what those right wing extremist like Donald Trump are all about.
    It’s about them and nobody else. Donald doesn’t like the idea to have to spend more money in taxes. Yet he can afford it. He’s a very ignorant selfish man that Trump. Obama is the best choice for the average American middle class person. That’s what Trump doesn’t like at all.

  4. Why am I getting a “forest gump” vibe here?
    Stupid is as stupid does? LOL

  5. Amazing how rightwingers only support democracy when it goes their way.

  6. Does the Donald “really” even matter, how is his voice any more important than those that actually represent third party constituents. Let’s pay more attention to people like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

  7. I’m curious as to how he researches how far he can go before he irrevocably damages his brand. Because he doesn’t mean a word of this lunacy he spouts, it’s all in the name of “any publicity, even bad publicity, is still publicity, and therefore is good publicity.” I mean, does he have some marketing research that tells him how whacked and irritating he can get before it starts to actually lose him $$$? Because it’s only money he cares about and once it starts costing him financially, that’s when he’ll back off with the crazy. Sigh, whadda d-bag.

  8. Money can’t buy class or intelligence.

  9. America is the GREATEST Nation ever built and look at the MESS now. Imagine what our Ancestors would think. I Thank-god everyday that I’m Canadian but it makes me feel so sad. Liberals are very SELFISH people.

    • America’s ancestors would think that the fact that black people aren’t slaves and are allowed to vote, not to mention be the President, is unbelievably outrageous. And WOMEN voting and holding office?! You’re right – they would be appalled.

    • the founding fathers would be very cocerneed with the current level income inequality

    • You do realize that 80-85% of Canadians support Obama right? And that our country has a far, far higher percentage of those “selfish” Liberals than the US? And that the Democrats in the states are far more right wing than our Conservative party? And…..well you get the idea. Your buddy Harper will be out in due time anyway, I can’t believe I actually voted for him last election….I just couldn’t support the NDP. But the guy is quickly turning us into a miniature version of the US……we need the Liberals back, pronto.

  10. Time for the Donald to go back to what he does best – Bankrupting casinos.

  11. Oh Donald Trump. Of all the Donald Trumps in the world, you are the Donald Trumpiest.

  12. Trump nicely depicts what’s wrong with this world.

  13. Obama did not cheat using “Elections America”, to get in, Bravo!
    he did in a democratic way, not like Harper: 39% of votes, and yet it’s he gets a majority gov’t. It sucks to be you, Dodo Trump.,

  14. Brian Williams, who said Trump “has driven well past the last exit to
    relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible here.”

    …after that he took a short cut onto the bozo freeway , just right before the turn on to highway crazy.

  15. Obama won the popular vote.

  16. Ahhhhh, too funny, all of the Republicans trumpeting that they have won the popular vote……before California gets counted. Maybe they should have held their feelings until after the largest state in the union, not to mention a democrat stronghold, was tallied.