Donald Trump's October Surprise is... -

Donald Trump’s October Surprise is…

This just in. Well, OK, never mind


After days of breathless anticipation, Donald Trump finally made his big announcement about President Barack Obama. And apparently Trump wants the President to turn over his college and passport records in exchange for a $5-million donation to a charity of Obama’s choice. And, well, that’s it.

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Donald Trump’s October Surprise is…

  1. Gold Jerry, this is gold!

  2. No comment on Gloria Alldred’s “October surprise” either Aaron? Trying to unseal a friend’s divorce records? Yeah, that’s not shady either.

  3. “… if this is done, to my satisfaction…”
    Well, what are the standards? No one in their right mind will accept this deal with such open standards. Trump has no obligation to actually write a cheque, even if the passport records, etc… are provided.

  4. Why is Trump speaking as if he was on the end of a wind up crank phone in Kansas?

    Is it possible to get Trump charged with peddling his vote for 5 million?

    Seriously, is it a fact that all other Presidential records have been as publicly available? Wow! Only in America. And only if you’re a black man with Hussein somewhere in your name.

  5. The most secretive president in history. 2 years to release a birth certificate!
    I can get mine in 2 minutes. If he has nothing to hise why has he apent so much
    Money on legal fees to seal his records?