Don’t contact aliens: Stephen Hawking -

Don’t contact aliens: Stephen Hawking

The outcome would be like Columbus in America, he says


Famed physicist Stephen Hawking believes that aliens do exist, and also that we should leave him alone. In a new series on the Discovery Channel called “Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking,” he said “we only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” What’s more, they might come from stars with depleted resources, and be far more advanced than us, “looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach. If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,” he said. The series will look at space exploration, alien life and time travel, the New York Daily News reports.

New York Daily News

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Don’t contact aliens: Stephen Hawking

  1. Or maybe they have surpassed the prehistoric burning of fossel fuels and finally decided to venture out to the universe and see what they could do to help others write the wrongs. Ah the inspiration of Roddenberry. But I have my doubts anything could travel the distance and make it alive to us. Either way no doubt to be an interesting show for theory …. as most of Hawkings ideas are!

    • If they've advanced far enough for faster than light travel, wouldn't they be traveling in curve around time? parallel to time not to light. I'm getting sidetracked… my point being they wouldn't need to conquer. They'd be advanced enough to want more than our planet has. They'd pop in to laugh (or pity) at how dumb we are.

      • I totally agree. They will be afraid of us. Like `Gorillas in the mist.` An evolved alien between `monkeys`.

    • Why would aliens help others write wrongs? Would it be like punishment? Write your wrongs on our alien chalk board 100 times?

      • Captain's log…

    • Natives of North, Central and South America were societies confronted by aliens. Isolated villages across Asia, Europe and Africa were amazed by the technically advanced alien armies of Gangues Khan and Alexander the Great. Their village elders, Prophets and priests probably warned them to expect a future confrontation involving miraculous conquerors.

      Sit peacefully in your sunroom at home and observe: an earthworm, a robin, a goldfish, a cat, a neighbor fawning over another's new car or buxom young wife. Each of them will be doing something different within a few seconds. In each case, those changes in behavior will prove to be of self interest – an increased possibility: of finding food and shelter to survive, escape death or reproduce. The same is true of your: a salesman at the door, a priest, boss, wife or national leader. Every move made by every living creature we know is of self interest or at best mutually or symbiotically beneficial. So, if representatives of NASA or SETI show up on Larry King with indisputable news of impending alien contact, you now have some sort of context to consider events soon to unfold.

  2. Does anyone else remember the twilight zone where the aliens came and they had this book – to serve humans ? (by the way at the end of the show a few humans discovered that it was a cook book )

    • I do hope the cages are soundproof.

  3. They are already here!

  4. Stephen Hawking is a (very, very) smart man, but I wonder if there is an element of misanthropy in his words.

    He is indeed making a commentary on the history of man's inhumanity to man, and that certainly this is a continuing saga even in this more enlightened age. However, there is a difference between evolution of humanity as a biological entity and its capacity for symbolic communication which includes all the languages and mathematics that makes culture possible.

    That other aspect of humanity is called self-awareness/consciousness, and it makes people prone to belief systems to help humans cope with their mortality, in a cold and dispassionate universe. An unfortunate by-product of these belief systems is that some come to believe they are inherently better than others, and this leads to what Hawking is commenting on.

    We can only speculate at this point whether other intelligent beings would also have belief systems of their own, comparable to what we have made or been given to make the world seem a bit more personal, and whether they also contain exclusionary elements in them that would motivate them to do to us what we have done to others of our own kind.

    On the other hand, perhaps these same beings might have also developed traits similar to pity and patience just as we also have shown at times. Its an interesting question to ponder whether compassion and mercy are indeed divine concepts that transcend the realm of human affairs, but we should remember the heights as well as the depths that humanity is capable of as these big questions are reflected on.

  5. i,m watching you and we are going to start our harvest very sooooon !!

  6. So the Native Americans woulda been cool had they only hid in the woods?

    • Probably for a lot longer than they were.

      • So really there is no point in hiding.

        • Please, under that logic you'd shoot yourself right now. After all, you're eventually going to die.. the only difference is it'll take longer if you don't kill yourself. So you may as well.

          • That’s the smartest man in the worlds logic not mine.

          • You were the one who suggested that doing anything to delay their arrival would be futile. His logic was that we would like our civilization to last longer, and advertising our existence to more advanced civilizations is likelier to shorten that duration than to lengthen it,

  7. On this planet species are either predator or prey, often both. Humans eat anything that is not poisonous. That is likely the way of the universe. I agree with Steven Hawking – error on the side of caution or we could end up as a food source. If aliens have the technology to get here, they are higher up the food chain than we are.

    • I don't think that they'd necessarily want (or be able) to eat us–just that they might take our stuff, or even just exposure to their civilization would cause ours to implode, like whiskey, guns and smallpox did for the Aboriginals.

  8. Stephen Hawking is an idiot.

    • Hilarious.

  9. Stephen Hawking IS an idiot. As if aliens who are so advanced that they could traverse LIGHT-YEARS would want or need to do us any harm! It's just plain illogical and narrow-minded.
    Sounds almost phobic.
    Shame on you Stephen… very dissapointing.

    • Ya i agree.It’s not like aliens are going be cruising by the moon and accidently see us, then we just shut the lights off and act like were not home?They’re looking for earth like planets from their home, so if they find us they find us.Our T.V and radio signals are already out there too so i really don’t get what he was trying to say.I think we should get out there and colonize like Mr.Hawking said years ago.So when something bad does come our way we at least wont be wiped out in one instance.