Don’t drink and hit “send” -

Don’t drink and hit “send”

British teen who wrote “abusive” email to Obama banned from U.S. for life


Seventeen-year-old Luke Angel has learned the hard way that nothing good comes of firing off an expletive-filled email while soused. The British teenager has been banned for life from entering the United States after he sent the White House a curse-laden email directed at President Obama. A police spokesperson told a British newspaper that the note was “full of abusive and threatening language.” Officers visited Angel at his home in Bedfordshire, England, during which time the teen admitted to sending the e-mail, although he couldn’t remember what he wrote. “I was drunk,” he told The Sun. “But I think I called Barack Obama a pr—. It was silly—the sort of thing you do when you’re a teenager and have had a few.” The severity of the punishment has yet to dawn on Angel. “I don’t really care,” he said, “but my parents aren’t very happy about it.”

New York Daily News

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Don’t drink and hit “send”

  1. This is why I only ever send drunk, abusive emails to my parents.

  2. Wow! I have not seen the email, so I could not say which one is more excessive the email or the punishment? You guys, be very careful not to email anything provocative anyone in the US. Who knows they might become president someday?

  3. What kind of idiot mails the President of another country when they're drunk? That is the lamest drinking night ever. Hey dudes, let's get tanked tonight and Tweet the Emperor of Japan!

    • Watch out for the samurais!! ;-)

  4. How did he get the President's email? Must have been a general email??
    He's probably a racist bigot anyway, the UK has a lot of those – so no loss, but he might feel the impact some day.

    • Your generalization of the UK being all racist bigots is in itself a display of racism and bigotry.


  5. There are really threatening people and groups in the world, and the American and British governments have their officials and police running around interviewing, taking pictures and banning an underage teen for life from entering the States for a drunken, insulting E-mail. This is a laugable waste a resources and misdirection. As the police officers who took pictures of a dumb immature teen, I wonder if they felt proud of making the world a "safer place". Absolutely laughable.

    I read elsewhere today on this site that a police department in the States is so broke they don't even investigate property crimes anymore. I bet the people of that state are glad to know that at least naughty E-mails from forieners gets the laws attention and "threats" like this are treated seriously, while their stolen property remains their problem.

  6. Yeah, sure, ban stupid kid from entering US but certainly allow islamic scum from all over
    the world to enter US and spread terror there!

    • that, my friend, is how politics and diplomacy work now!
      let those who are a real threat through, coz they can do damage if they go nuts.
      prosecute the harmless coz they can do nothing.
      welcome to the new world!!!!!

    • wtf is wrong with you! Declaring all Islamic people to be terrorists is a harsh (and extremely racist) generalization. You are the scum of the earth, jonathan.

      • and eddie too

        • you can say what you like. calling a broom a broom is not wrong. if you can't handle the truth, go hide you head in the sand and hope the mullahs don't see your head as they try to chop off everyone elses! and sorry to say, i can't be called racist since i belong to the same race as them freaks, much to my shame. it is a stigma i will carry with me all my life!

        • and where in my statement did i mention any race or religion? the fact that you pointed it out in your statement shows that you believe it just as strongly…making you a bigger racist than Jonathan or me!!

      • would that my tax dollars go to eliminating your right to travel due to your fanatical views of another's opinion –
        these are just words aren't they? As you have so eloquently posited – WTF?
        Harsh? What happens in the west is is hardly harsh compared to what happens in some non-Western, and, shall we use a euphemism – nations?

  7. I wouldn't worry, Luke. In a few years, the US Government will have a new administration and likely will lift its ban. President Palin may greet you as a hero.

    • I very much doubt he'll be greeted as a hero, but I do not doubt at all the ban will be lifted eventually.

      That is, unless the guy sends any more messages, or tries to go for a visit or anything.

  8. While this was reported in the New York Daily News, the story was later retracted as being false. Good Job Maclean's on re-posting fake news…..