Don't shrug off the WikiLeaks -

Don’t shrug off the WikiLeaks

The real damage to America abroad


There’s been a tendency as the WikiLeaks continue to flow to shrug many of them off. Sure, U.S. diplomats sometimes say harsh things about foreign governments in confidential cables. So what? Of course, when the lid is lifted, the world of diplomacy is not all that diplomatic. Big deal. But Der Spiegel reports that the impact of the flood of leaks is real and, for anyone concerned about America’s capability to influence world affairs, deeply worrying. The German magazine’s English website says leaks will do the most damage in the Middle East—already a fragile, volatile region. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, for example, are wounded by unflattering remarks in the leaked cables. “The documents show what Washington really thinks about us,” says one official in a Pakistani ministry. Former Saudi Arabian intelligence chief Prince Turki bin Faisal says that American’s “credibility and honesty are the victim of these leaks” and that he assumes people “will no longer speak to American diplomats frankly.”

Der Spiegel

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Don’t shrug off the WikiLeaks

  1. Some people are trying to shrug it off, but it's changing the world.

    We ignore it at our peril.

  2. The scary thing is, if you go to CBC's comments section about 90% of the posters think this is no big deal. They think that truth should be revealed at all costs. I hope the damage done by this little Anarchist can be down played. The Anti-American sentiment makes my blood boil, why is it that the "educated" left need to have such a negative view of the US? Where do they think we would be without them? As for Assange, CBC would not post any negative comments about the "golden boy" it is frightening when our public broadcaster starts playing politics. (probably being over-cautious after the Flanagan fiasco) In protecting this man's actions, are they ready to take the tightening of information from governments? Should make journalism a bit more challenging.

    • There is tons more stuff to come. You really should pay closer attention, then you'd know why people are cheering him on.

      • And the release of more information is good why? So nosy, self righteous idiots can pick it apart? If more information is being released, I would like to see Assange bury his birth country in it. Why is he only focused mainly on the US? How about some middle Eastern countries? How about some European countries? No he is a spineless, troublemaking weasel, and all of the people like yourself Emily, are out of touch. You just keep working at taking down the powerhouse of the west, the major offset to the people who want to eliminate us from the planet. Why don't you go live in a country that treat women so well, perhaps then you might want to fight for our security and freedom we take for granted. (or should I say YOU take for granted) I am under no illusion that I must know of all correspondence and dealing done by the elected persons of our government. Apparently the ranting left have so much time on their hands, and think our government does also to send out copies and memos of all dealings. Nutters!

    • I think your afraid. A significant portion of the current generation has grown up skeptical of the corruption and lies all around us and has done more to decipher and destroy it in it's infancy than those previous could ever hope too. Anarchy and transparency are not the same. Everything you've ever been outraged by in the past could have gone right over your head had it not been for similar heroes. Some just call themselves reporters and the familiarity of their methods scares you less.

      But if familiar and simple is all you crave, feel free to let the world whizz by you. Call up your ISP and cancel your internet connection.

  3. assange should be lynched