Don't take your child to work: schools -

Don’t take your child to work: schools

Administrators say annual events disrupts student learning


Is taking your child to work a valuable learning experience or a waste of time? In the U.S., school administrators are speaking out against the annual Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, which they say disrupts student achievement. With results increasingly linked to state and federal funding, they say the event, which is held on the third Friday in April, should be moved to a day in the summer so as not to interfere with standardized testing and exams. But the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation is holding its ground, arguing that the event must be held during the school year so students can share their experiences with their classmates.

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Don’t take your child to work: schools

  1. I agree. They should also do away with so many field trips. I've heard of the most ridiculous premises for field trips, and I've heard of disasters, including deaths on field trips.

    The kids go to school to learn.

    • And if one thing contributes to learning it's standardized tests!

    • I've heard that you can get Hepatitis by consuming a drink with ice cubes in it, and that some people have fallen on ice and killed themselves. I've even heard that there have been instances of people drowning in their own bathtub. I might as well just kill myself right now rather than live under such constant fear.

  2. It does disrupt their learning, they stop learning useless crap and get a taste of the real world. Oh! How will the children ever learn next to nothing if they go out into the real world and learn about it! They might even get perspective on why what they do learn is important! (gasp!)

  3. Heres how Daddy spends all day commenting on the internet or watching youtube – yup a valuable lesson to learn.