Don’t trust callers suggesting changed voting locations: Elections Canada

Kitchener-Waterloo and Winnipeg-South Centre residents got fake info


Elections Canada says it has received calls from voters, mainly in Ontario, who say they were called and told to vote at a poll other than the one listed on their voter registration card. “We just want to make sure that both the media and the voters know that there have not been any changes in the voting [locations],” Elections Canada spokeswoman Francine Bastien told CBC News. She confirmed that Kitchener-Waterloo and Winnipeg-South Centre were among the affected ridings.

CBC News

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Don’t trust callers suggesting changed voting locations: Elections Canada

  1. Liberal Party has nothing to gain by doing that, they are too far back in the polls, now I wonder if it was the Tories cause Jack Layton has got Stephen Harper running scared! lol

  2. I wonder if there are any criminal charges that can be laid as a result from this. Whomever is responsible for this sort of thing is behaving in a really despicable manner.

  3. While I agree with your main point that there are idiots, hacks and thugs of all partisan stripes, I know of only one party with the resources to organize this sort of last minute campaign.

  4. This is also happening in Prince Edward Island !! Things are not so innocent in the "gentle Island" !

  5. Possible but unlikely. We should consider ourselves lucky. This sort of thing and worse happens routinely in the USA from municipal politics and up.

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