Dossier illustrates push for terrorist attacks post-9/11

Over 700 classified documents give details of al Qaeda’s efforts


After the September 11 attacks, a small circle of al Qaeda operatives looked for ways to follow-up with new attacks, according to classified Guantánamo files released by WikiLeaks to the New York Times. More than 700 classified documents give new details of the terrorist organization’s efforts to make 9/11 the first in a series of attacks aimed at the United States, although these plans collapsed after the Central Intelligence Agency captured Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the 9/11 planner, and other leaders of al Qaeda. Mohammed and others reportedly discussed plots that weren’t acted upon, including a wave of aircraft attacks against the West Coast, filling an apartment with leaked natural gas and exploding it, blowing up gas stations and even cutting the cables that hold up the Brooklyn Bridge.

The New York Times

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Dossier illustrates push for terrorist attacks post-9/11

  1. How does one become a Bernardo fan? And why are these types of people attracted to the Conservative platform time after time very telling indeed.

  2. You can hardly blame the Conservative campaign for this one.

  3. Shades of Taxi Driver.

    • Hmmmmmmm.

  4. We can thank the great and Brave George Bush for saving this Country! And thats a fact. While the clinton, though only how he could make— no , have money given to him. Just like the cretin. How we are so lucky to find our present Prime Minister is a miracle. Even all the opposition want him re-elected.

    • Try making sense sometime. That post was incomprehensible jibberish.

  5. Well, there's you answer to breaking into a tory event. Just dye your hair and change your name

  6. He thought he was at the Tamil Tiger rally!

  7. Seriously? regardless of stripes, have you ever seen someone so blatantly lie day in & day out straight to your face the way Stephen Harper does?.

    I helped vote this thing into power & am completely blown away ever time I see a clip of his fear mongering campaign each & every day of this campaign, its unbelievable, literally!.

    I've voted Conservative, PC, NDP & Liberal over my years so please don't assume I'm just an ABC person, I'm not. but this guy is by far the lowest of the low I've ever seen, straight out of the American playbook of say anything to scare people into following you, regardless of TRUTH & HONOR.

    I find it just sickening as a proud Canadian.

  8. why is a dangerous offender on the loose???

  9. because the Conservatives refuse to pass crime legislation so they can keep talking about it?

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  11. I'm certainly no bleeding heart but is it instantaneous now that we marginalize everyone with a criminal record. Shouldn't situations of this nature be treated on an individual basis. Having said that, I have never heard of this woman and have no position on her
    (in)admissability as a worker on an election campaign.

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