Double Justin -

Double Justin


Justin MacKinnon, the Liberal candidate for Carleton-Mississippi Mills (the riding currently held by the Minister of National Revenue Gordon O’Connor) held a fundraiser at Philthy McNasty’sBar and Sports Grill. The guest of honour was another Justin – Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau with Justin MacKinnon.

Trudeau poses with the event’s organizer Krista Balsom.

The Justin décor.


Double Justin

  1. By the way I have a question for the Liberals out there – How is Justin doing anyways do you think he will leverage his name and old family contacts to advance through the ranks as it were. The reason I ask is that out here in Victoria BC I have heard very little about him and I still have very fond memories of working for his father when the Magus of the North was out this way running for PM – I will never forget those days as I joined the Liberal Party, volunteered and drove a lot of old folks to the booth on election day as I had just gotten my drivers license – I will never forget meeting P Trudeau and shaking his hand and listening to him speak was amazing! The weird thing is the hostility he raised in some people as he had a lot of people who just hated him with a passion – which has always got me thinking – if you see a lot of people having strong negative emotions about a leader of a political party that is not their party of course then there just might be something special about them kind of like … dare I say it being a Conservative – well I will let you fill in the blank =

  2. Hmmmm…..Wayne’s sole purpose is to go on these blogs/comments and be negative. Yawn.

  3. Sandi : this is the second time I have struck a nerve with you : please tell me how you possibly found something negative in my post? I complimented my ” Previous ” party as I sed to be a Liberal before I joined the NDP and now am a Conservative as the years have finally given me considerably more wisdom than my younger idealistic days.

  4. Woo! Seriously- Justin is a really good speaker

  5. Thank you Sophie : maybe he is a chip off the old block as it were because Pierre could almost mesmerize you kind of like Obama can. Pierre made you actually believe what he was saying – and as well … but please don’t me flame folks – Don’t Tase me Bro … Brian Mulroney (just a little too much sugar though)had his moments too – hey what can I say I’m a pushover for good oratory. I am looking forward to hearing from and about Justin.

  6. Here, Wayne- He gave a speech to our youth group when we went down to Montreal, and the wierd thing was- not only did we believe what he was saying, he sounded like he really believed it. I would put him on par with Obama. Obama/Mulroney comparisons are more apt in terms of voice quality (I wasn’t bron but on Radio recordings Trudeau Sr. has a pretty high voice) but int erms of content he’s just himself- very hyper-idealistic but realistic.