Double Tax-Free Savings Account contribution limit to $10,000 -

Double Tax-Free Savings Account contribution limit to $10,000


On April 7, while campaigning in Vaughn, ON, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised that a Conservative government would double the annual contribution limit to Tax-Free Savings Accounts to $10,000. However, the change would not be implemented until the budget is balanced.

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Double Tax-Free Savings Account contribution limit to $10,000

  1. At least one of the 3 party candidates is not making promises that will gouge us even more to fulfill.
    I appreciate PM Harper's honesty. I shows me that he does want to help us now, by NOT raising our taxes and
    when the budget is balanced, that he will be helping us. And that is the way ALL parties should be. Live within your budget and if and when there is extra monies, spend it on what truly matters. Priorities first and not the tax & spend way. :)

  2. Stephen Harper's "priorities" have nothing to do with what's best for Canadians, it has to do with what is best for him gaining power, and he has shown that he is more than willing to lie, hire career criminals as right hand men, mis usage of rcmp as bouncers is equal to a tyrant and his gestapo.

    I once thought Harper was an evil calculating genius, but considering his delayed reactions which border or retardation, and his eventual replies which embody retardation, and total lack of spine and/or grace in anything, and now know his is just evil, compounded and made far more scary by the fact that his is a blithering idiot, because true power is earned, not taken by subjugation.

  3. @Onil,

    You can replace "Harper" with any last previous Prime Minister's last name over the past 40 years.

    The one thing Harper hasn't done is bow to the Bloq (thank you). The separatist party, that can only be voted for in one province, can't win leadership, and who's primary objective is to secede from Canada still gets a seat at the table for a National debate – insanity.

    Fortunately somebody recognizes this:

    Unfortunately it is not the Canadian people or media. A politician who stood up against the Bloq would win the west and by west I mean everybody but Quebec – that is Canada.