Doug Ford mulls run for Toronto mayor if brother is barred from byelection, says report -

Doug Ford mulls run for Toronto mayor if brother is barred from byelection, says report


Even if Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is barred from running in a byelection until 2014, his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, may be eyeing the mayor’s seat as both men plot a strategy to keep Ford Nation alive, at least according to a report from the Toronto Star.

The story, from urban affairs reporter Robyn Doolittle, cites unnamed sources who say that, should Mayor Rob Ford be barred from running in a byelection, Doug Ford would step up to run for mayor and Rob Ford would make a run at provincial politics for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

Such a strategy would be a marked shift for the brothers. In the past, Doug Ford has supported provincial PC politicians, while Rob Ford has stuck to his municipal duties.

On Tuesday, Toronto solicitor Anna Kinastowski determined that a ruling issued by Superior Court Justice Charles Hackett on Monday means that not only is Mayor Rob Ford officially removed from office as of Monday, Dec. 10, he would also be barred from running for office again until his “current term” is up in 2014. “It is my opinion that that word ‘term’ means 2010 to 2014,” Kinastowski told city council.

Under Kinastowski’s interpretation, Rob Ford wouldn’t be permitted to run in a byelection, should the city call one before 2014.

But, Rob Ford still has a chance at keeping his position at mayor. His lawyers have launched an appeal and applied for a stay. If the stay application is approved, it would allow Ford to keep his position as mayor until the appeal process is complete.

The stay applicaiton will be heard Dec. 5 and the appeal hearing is scheduled for Jan. 7.

Hackett’s ruling, which removes Rob Ford from office in 12 days, came after the mayor was found to have violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when he spoke at a council meeting and then voted on an item concerning the misuse of city resources for his own private football charity.

If a politician is found to be in violation of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, the law requires that the he or she be removed from office.

The news about the Fords’ plans comes as a new poll from Forum Research shows that the majority of Torontonians agree with Judge Hackett’s decision, with 58 per cent supporting the court ruling.

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Doug Ford mulls run for Toronto mayor if brother is barred from byelection, says report

  1. Toronto has already had Dumb as mayor, so why not Dumber?

  2. The idea that Doug would run “if Rob is banned” implies there’s some kind of assumption that “a Ford must” occupy the mayor’s office. I’ve got to ask why? The office of the mayor is not the private entitlement of the Ford family, and it’s obvious any such plot to get Doug elected would be to maintain Rob’s access to a job from which he’s been dismissed by a court of law. This entire idea promises plenty more conflict of interest – can we not just move on from this entire sordid saga?

    • The Ford’s are going to drag this out as long as they can. If they can’t win they are going to make everyone pay for it, as much as they can.

  3. What a couple of spoiled brats! Just gotta have it, eh? If a Ford runs for the office we’ll all get it.

  4. Toronto has seen so much damage happen over the last few years thats its barely livable for regular people, we have brought in so many rich immigrants that people with regular jobs cannot afford to even sit down to a meal anymore. All this city wants is more condos and to push out the people who made this city and have been here for generations, you cant even get a free sweet and sour sauce at Mc Donalds anymore! Who cares about the person running for mayor we need to stand up against the pouring of immigrants from around the world taking over our country slowly because they have money from back home. Look at these companies charging 90 dollars a month for a cell phone and throwing in these tiny little over limit fees so your constantly paying more. Politicians have been stealing money from us for years so why is it only Rob ford who gets in trouble? its every last one of them taking our money…Even if he does get fired his severance package would set him for life even if his bank account was at zero dollars. Open your eyes people of Toronto..If you dont have a hundred grand in your bank account you will not survive here….I am a 4th generation canadian citizen and i cant even find a family doctor, when i turned to the government for a grant to start a small business i was told that it was for new comers only….as i sit on the subway i see advertisements for newcomers to have a line of credit without a background check. So if you think throwing ford out of office is going to do any justice for us..its not. The next one will be just like him.