Doug Ford responds to new allegations of past drug use


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Doug Ford responds to new allegations of past drug use

  1. Well, as I only see the headline here and no story then I assume it is still being made up.
    That sounds about right anyways, the current scandal is running out of steam so time to dig up new ‘old’ material.

    • Try the front page of the Globe and Mail. They have a 6 page expose running on the family’s history with the drug trade backed with multiple sources.

      • And Doug Ford appeared on CP24 around 2-3 pm today and denied the story…was interviewed for a good half hour but even with his speedy reply, no one will believe him so what is the familyto do?…I notice no one is covering that interview…very typical

        • They were live tweeting in an article linked from the on the front page of the Toronto Star, so you’re not looking that hard.

      • What a crock! This is nothing more than yet another leftie hit piece.

        To be clear:

        There are no convictions, or even charges, the police officer that the globe talked to had NO RECOLLECTION of encountering the fords.

        The globe sources are supposedly many, but not one will come forward and they ARE ALL dealers or users, yah these are credible sources alright. One is named Justin, hell – that could be justin trudeau if one looks at the in-depth fact checking in this story.

        This is all based on stuff that happened in the 80’s, from people on drugs – do you think they can ever remember any of it???

        This is typical leftie media, report with nothing be heresay and then keep reporting on the type of response from Ford and commenting on how it never suffices.

        Yet, the leftie brigades will come on here spout this as more ‘proof’ and keep the hate-fest going.

        There are many names for what the left and leftist media is doing to the Fords, but it certainly cannot be called journalism.

        As I said before, it is not the Fords who are embarassing Toronto, it is the Leftie Media and their pathetic joker excuses.

    • well the Globe has gone back to 1980 to “interview’ some more annonymus sources…typical

  2. The media has gone crazy..

    • they have become vicious vultures but they won’t cover Doug’s denial on CP24…they will only cover the remarks in the G&M

    • Not really sure that they’ve been sane ever since PET was out of office, before then they were just very, very confused.

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