Dozens killed as southern Sudan votes on secession -

Dozens killed as southern Sudan votes on secession

Arabs and southern tribe clash in Abyei


Violence has not stopped voters in southern Sudan from waiting as long as eight hours in line to vote for independence from the north. So far, thirty people have died in clashes in Abyei, a border region between the South and the North, where Arab tribes and southern Dinka Ngok are blaming each other for starting the violence. The referendum is the result of a 2005 peace agreement that ended decades of civil war between the Arab-Muslim North and the Christian and Animist South. The oil-rich South is widely expected to vote for independence, which Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has pledged to respect. Voting will end Jan. 15 and the results will be known in February.

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Dozens killed as southern Sudan votes on secession

  1. It's funny how MacLean's doesn't talk about that news topic when it's on the first subject on News Network such as BBC and Al-Jazeera. It seems canadians don't like minorities right to have their seats in the Global familly table. I pray for South-Soudaneses to get their freedom and may Khartoum have the sense of honor not to cheat and recognize their will for peace and development. Long live free South Sudan! Vive le Sud-Soudan libre!