Dozens of dead birds found on Swedish street -

Dozens of dead birds found on Swedish street

Veterinarians suspect disease or poisoning


Between 50 and 100 black jackdaw birds were found dead by police in the snowy residential streets of Falkoeping, Sweden this week, mirroring the New Year’s Eve incident where 3,000 dead birds fell over Beebe, Arkansas. Veterinarians told a Swedish radio program that they suspect the birds fell victim to disease or poisoning. The deaths of the birds in Arkansas are not yet explained, though officials initially suspected violent hail storms or New Year’s Eve fireworks may have killed the flock.

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Dozens of dead birds found on Swedish street

  1. the true about the dead fishs and dead birds: US government try to eradicat the ecological threat of the
    silver carp or the Asian Flying Carp in the Missouri rivers by using chimical powder droping from a plane.
    the dead birds from Sweden is just a diversion created by the USA.

  2. Anything bizarre happen to the earth's magnetic field this last week or so? Did the sun belch something awkward?

    • Hmm. I just plugged "bird deaths magnetic" into Google and it turns out I am nowhere near the first to wonder about that.

  3. iIt's also happening in Italy: <a href="–trovate-a-faenza-400-tortore-morte-54633.html&act=url” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>–trovate-a-faenza-400-tortore-morte-54633.html&act=url

  4. sorry, this should work: <a href="–trovate-a-faenza-400-tortore-morte-54633.html&act=url” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>–trovate-a-faenza-400-tortore-morte-54633.html&act=url