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Drinkers of the world unite!

Carlsberg employees walk out in protest over caps on free beer


As many as 800 employees of the Carlsberg brewery walked off the job this week after being told they’d only be allowed to drink at lunch. A spokesperson for the Copenhagen-based brewer confirmed the free beer that had previously been available in company fridges had been removed and that workers would be limited to the beer available at the lunch canteen. Much of the staff is said to be striking in solidarity with drivers and warehouse workers, for whom the changes mean they’ve lost the right to their three beers a day.

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Drinkers of the world unite!

  1. AW come on! Give the workers their beer! Does it really cost the company so much to continue this perq? I know someone who works at Coke, and he gets ALL the free Coke he wants to drink, bring home, whatever — cases of it, all the time! It's no fun to have such a nice, and relatively inexpensive, bonus taken away once the employees have enjoyed it for a long time. Rather mean-spirited.

    • Aw come on yourself, coke, although not even close to a healthy beverage, doesn't have alcohol in it, affecting reaction times, balance and logic processes in the minds of those who drink it.

      I have to admit that I'd love to have my employer give me free beer at lunchtime.. maybe. I do have one very large point to make though…. What happens when a worker who has had a couple of pints of brew drives a forklift truck into a full warehouse rack of supplies, knocking them over and injuring someone, or worse? What happens when an employee gets hurt or killed through the inebriated actions of some other employee who has been drinking on the job with the employers blessing and assistance? What about the costs of mistakes made in shipping or brewing, or any of the other many tasks done by workers who have been drinking?

      Can you imagine the hordes of lawyers waiting outside the factory gates to demand the company pay dearly for every imaginable expense incurred by someone hurt on the job?

      I can hardly imagine a North American employer who would allow such a dangerous, costly practice.

      • Thank you Oggy!You couldn`t explain it better.

        They should not even be drinking at work to begin with,let alone driving trucks after drinking at work,this si ridculous and indefensible.I can`t believe they even allowed this to begin wtih.They should completely ban drinking on the premises.Those workers should drink AFTER work at some pub somewhere off the premises.They should not even drink before work or during work.I am totally shocked they even allowed this to begin with.I live in North America and I know of no employer who allows this,you will get fired if they discover you were drinking during lunch/ work or before work.

  2. Nice article… you made a bunch of good points throughout. I’m glad I stopped by for sure!

  3. Don't get me wrong. The company is just concerned on their employees. I think they know all about what beer they have. :) I hope it's all about their thinking skills when they get drunk and not what is inside with the beer.