Dubai-based newspaper says “Canada has lost its way”

Editorial slams federal government as protectionist


An editorial in the Dubai-based Gulf News claims “Canada has lost its way under Harper.” Purporting to explain why the UAE had imposed visas on visiting Canadians, the newspaper argues Canada just hasn’t been the same since the Conservatives took power. “Ever since Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his right-wing Conservative government came to power, the veneer of civility has slipped,” it reads. “Politics in Ottawa has become polarised — it is Harper’s way or the highway.” According to the paper’s editors, this shift is most noticeable in its staunchly pro-Israel stance on matters involving the Middle East, its eager participation in the war on terror, and, perhaps most important to UAE readers, its protectionist approach to trade. “Where companies were independent, they are now subsidised and granted preferential treatment, as is the case with Air Canada.”

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Dubai-based newspaper says “Canada has lost its way”

  1. I fully agree with this editorial…and it's become patently obvious the Harper govt is not a conservative one.

    • Of course you agree. Would it be otherwise Emily?

      • Well since I'm obviously more conservative than you, yes.

        • That's our Emily: slavishly conserving the statist nightmare her "pet" Prime Minister wrought upon us.

    • ABC News released footage smuggled out of the country showing Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, brother of the country's crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed, torturing a man with whips, electric cattle prods and wooden planks with protruding nails

      Yeah. These are people that you probably want to deal with.

      • Seen the torture and beheadings in Saudi Arabia lately?

        We do business with them

      • And yet I have seen "Conservatives" on here saying it's ok because we have China to deal with……Do you have any idea what China does to people who dissagree with it's "policy"?

      • A friend of mine in the Canadian Forces told me that on leave at Camp Mirage, some Emirati Prince or other was splashing around with abandon in the pool with our soldiers, getting drunk and coming on to them. He couldn't remember his name but this is probably him.

        • And no this is not some nationalistic rumour meant to make us feel better– this is a totally truthful recount!

    • Emily, are you on here full time?
      Dear lord, get a life/job/hobby/adult toy!

      • Bugs you that much that I'm right, eh?

        • Actually, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you. I just think you're
          too involved in pretty much every single discussion on this news website.

          Get a life. Gosh.

          • Gosh…This is a topic I passionately care about…global trade.

            Since I work online everyday, it's not difficult for me to pop in here.

            And there are 50 discussions on topics here I haven't even read. THAT you never noticed.

            Nor did you notice the 'regulars' that are on far more topics than me.

          • Then they should get a life as well!
            There, glad we have that settled! ; )

          • You seem to be keeping close tabs on Emily's posts!! Instead of telling her what to do, why don't you follow your own advice?

    • When i think of "planes" and the "middle east"……

      • I think of the U.S….where they were taught to fly them….and Saudi Arabia…where all the boys were from…

  2. More like Canada is producing oil, lets start blackmailing and sanctioning them . . .

    • I really don't think this has anything to do with oil…

    • It's always about Oil and Israel-Palenstine.

      • In this case, it's about their failed attempt to blackmail the gov't into giving them more slots for their jets at our airports. Not that I necesarily disagree with the basic thrust of their argument…

        • THey are so pissed off about that.We didnt blink, well done PM! how can we be fighting in Afghanistan, and then take blackmail from Dubai

  3. Millions of Canadians who also call south east Asia, the Asian sub-continent, and parts of Africa home, transit through Dubai every year. Dubai is the fastest growing business hub/gateway between East and West. The conserrvatives are starting to fumble and bamble, it's time Canada's immigrant community turf him for his exploits.

    Emirates airbus 380 is the only non-stop flight from Toronto to the Middle East, their flights are fully booked at all times that's why Air Canada got jealous decided to ask Harper for help.

    • And of course because all of this requires us to bow down to the UAE. Harper is looking out after the country and of course you people simply would prefer to take the other guy's side than to support your own government. Look at what the editorial said and then you can see how serious the UAE was about coming to a reasonable compromise.

      • It's possible to be neither black or white on this issue. Harper hasn't simply "looked out after the country". He made a choice to favour some Canadians over others. This isn't necessarily a bad thing – Air Canada jobs are indeeed important.

        But those Air Canada jobs come at a cost; i.e. the Emirates won't be supplying cheaper airfares to many destinations that Canadians wish to travel to (Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania). So we are propping up a weak airline, at the cost of making thousands of Canadians pay higher airfares.

        This isn't a simple us-vs-them issue. And simple politics means that Harper should feel the pain in the new-Canadian community, where lots of communities will be hit really, really, hard by these events (ie. a family of four travelling to visit relatives might easily have to spend 500+ dollars due to this decision). He can send Jason Kenney to all sorts of dinners, but this is an issue where he intentionally screwed tens of thousands of Canadians to satisfy his sense of national honour.

        Or maybe he really believes in protectionism? Is that the conservative position here?

        • Do you really think Harper should be prioritizing "NEW" canadians. He is a conservative politician! If immigrants want to travel they can pay. Who else would want to go to some stinky ass desert where people don't shower and cover it up with incredibly strong perfume. And you think we should lose canadian jobs so some selfish immigrants can save money!!!!!!!!??? we're the ones educating them, giving them healthcare, keeping them safe, while they try to actively diminish the canadian economy and have only been paying taxes for a couple of years.

          • Well, given that I said that I'm ambivalent on the decision, and that I agreed that the Air Canada jobs were an important consideration, I can only assume you haven't really understood my point. Although you get points for casual bigotry, so there's that.

            My specific argument, though, is that this isn't really a, in your words, "conservative" decision, and it is certainly not a straightforwardly "Canadian" one. Economic protectionism is not Harper's bag. Or is it? Frankly I dunno anymore. And saying "they should pay", and calling them "selfish", er, kind of illustrates my point. Who is selfish here? The new canadian community for not wanting to prop up Air Canada? Wow. I'm speechless. It used to be a Conservative calling card to root against this sort of thing.

            Where is AC when we need him?

      • Hollinm, how is your "looking out after the country" different from protectionist measures? What would have been a "reasonable compromise" in your opinion? I'm just asking because I had always understood Conservative policies to be supportive of free trade, competition is good, the market will decide the winners and losers, etc. I don't necessarily agree/disagree with those concepts, I'm actually trying to figure out my own position. So, is this example somehow different, do we talk the walk and walk some different direction, or what? Or is it simply a question of say, three versus six or something?

        • Jenn….I don't know the details and I am p.ssed that the government never really comes out and tells the full story. I also believe in the free market system and more importantly the government not trying to pick winners and losers.
          Having said that I have to believe that the government found something seriously amiss with the UAE proposal and perhaps felt they were mixing apples and oranges and were in fact trying to blackmail us to give them a competitive advantage over our airlines (I am only guessing). Airline routes in exchange for renewal of the rental of a military base. How are the two related.
          I don't think the government simply wanted to pick a fight with the UAE. The anti Harper crowd would believe that but I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.
          The details of the issue could have been given in a much more fullsome way so people like you and I could make a decision.

    • Get lost UAE…

  4. Exactly correct Rob. In addition to producing oil, Canada has stated very that Israel has a right to exist. You can't be everyone's friend, and if the UAE insists that we either be friends with them or with Israel, it's a pretty easy choice.

    • Sorry, they didn't say anything like that.

      • You obviously did not read the Gulf news Editorial.

        • Yes, actually I did. I even copied it.

          Perhaps you should try it.

        • The UAE has supplied us a base for years, without charge, to help us fight the war on terror. They are hardly an enemy.

      • Of course you were intimately involved in the discussions and knew exactly what each of the parties said. Emily you are so tiresome.

        • Well we now know you're not a conservative either.

    • You're I'd rather be a friend of Israel. They won't strap a bomb to themselves

      • No, but they have built pseudo concentration camps.

    • You're an idiot Mark, did Israel help Canada in war effort, allowing for free airspace, runaways, traffic control, Camp Mirage all this saved Canadian tax payers tens of billions. And furthermore allow for Canada to install state of the art medical facilities that do to the fly time out of Kandahar, saved lives and limbs. And provided a badly needed staging area for our troops.
      And in return what did the U.A.E. get, an ignorance PM who negotiated in bad faith with an ally in a war. That jerk Harper attempted stall and run, like the extortionist that he is…

      He got his fat white ass kicked for the fool that he is…

      Case closed.

      • Spoken like a card carrying Liberal or NDP'er. No matter what the article said, or didn't say, your mind was made up from the start.

        • You know what Peter…I would stop writing off everyone who disagrees with harper as a "card carrying Liberal or NDP'er"…..It is convienient to justify ignoring a comment if it is from a "leftie"…but what I am hearing out west is not pretty for the Conservatives….Harper is also losing PC people and small C conservatives(like me)….Perhaps you might inform the Harper (reformers) that you get more flies with honey than vinegar…

      • Exctortionist? Since when does refusing to give in to extortion make one an extortionist? Here is what the issue is about;

        The UAE didn't get the economic perks they felt they were entitled and got into a major snit. To try to rationalize it, they publish a completely non-sensical political editorial that reads like it was written by some clueless & embittered liberal back bencher. Same old liberal crying points – decriminalization of an obligation to the precious long form census, support for Israel, not supporting Palestine, not coddling poor, poor Omar Khadr & other such worthless terrorist filth. Canada currently has far and away the best prime minister we've had in at least 50 years (that doesn't mean he's perfect) , and the liberals and NDPers are enraged because of it.

        • Give me an H!!!, give me an A!!! Give me a R!!! etc…

          Put your childish pom poms away bud and use your brain…god did give you one…right?

          Omar Kadr…worthless terrorist filth?

          I thought you right wingers believed in due process, innocent until proven guilty and the rule of law.

          Guess not.

      • You sir,

        Have no idea what your talking about. Dubai gave the Canadian Military the base in exchange for many contracts in theater for our troops which made them enormous profit eg : bottled water, armored sea cans, etc. The CF fly the seriously wounded soldiers to GERMANY not DUBAI. It is hardly a staging area.

        UAE is an opportunist state. Not a true friend.

    • Most Arab countries have stated that Israel has a right to exist as one nation with two distinct cultures. The original Zionist cause before 1948 was for this exact same Semite arrangement but after the UN played God, the Zionist cause was abducted by Gurion et al and we see the results today. Aboudinejhad (?) even meant this when he said Israel should be "wiped off the map". He didn't mean annihilated but rather redrawn. But you know the North American media today, they like to get a buck for their bang!

    • Canada may have stated that Israel has aright to exist, but that is nothing new and is uncontroversial. Israel has every right to exist.
      The current government has gone one step further and said that anything the Israeli gov does is fine by them, including illegal activities. It's this policy decision that causes worry and not just in the middle east either.
      A crime is a crime, no matter who commits it. We quite rightly call Iran and China to task for their crimes, but go strangely silent on similar US and Israeli ones.It's this double standard that causes offence.

  5. Less than half the population of Canada supports Harper, or even has anything good to say about him. But what we hate even more than Harper is some pipsqueak, religiously fanatical, misogynistic country getting all superior with us.
    Get lost U.A.E.

    • Standing ovation, bravo!!!

      • Yes, we can afford to lose billions by being anti-business and pro-protectionism because we wanna be all studly and Islamaphobic.

        'Rolls eyes'

        • The silliest comment you have posted to date!

          • Oh…because neither Harper nor you are conservative as you claim to be?

            If business and free trade are no longer 'conservative principles' you have nothing left.

            We trade with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan…which are far more 'religious and misogynistic' than the UAE, but suddenly we're spoiling for a bar brawl?? Belligerant nonsense on our part.

          • It has nothing to do with Islam and you know it!

            It is irresponsible to make comments like that!

          • It was you who applauded the poster Lindsay George Gray who called the UAE a 'religiously fanatical, misogynistic country'…not me.

          • Emily I was being sarcastic, and perhaps I didn't make myself clear!

            I do not applaud or agree with Lindsay George Grey comment at all!

          • really?…because it looked exactly like you did…and I was a little surprised by that.

          • Well again I apologize if I wasn't clear enough, I was being SARCASTIC, I thought last night about deleting it but I am not, I meant it as a sarcastic comment, believe it or not that's your issue!

            By the way, I do go to Dubai between six or eight times a year because of work, so yes, me and the companies that I represent will be having a lot more expenses and headaches, over these issues which happens to be dealing by elemantary school age kids than adults and that goes to both sides, they BOTH ARE WRONG!

          • I agree….it does appear childish and I wish that Harper had let McKay(sp) carry on with diplomatic options….but he didn't….The UAE are behaving in a silly way….yes….BUT Harper is the PM and his handling of this issue was ham-fisted and VERY undiplomatic….I am wholly unimpressed

          • DDS, sorry about the late reply on holidays for the new year…

            I agree that the government should of let Mackay in on the talks, but to their benefit it would have been the same result, the UAE is very clear of what they want and wont back down, it has to be thair way or the highway!!

            It is going to get messy, I think!!

          • You weren't clear. I was really worried about you there! We GOTTA get us a sarcasm tag.

          • I agree, sorry again, I guess it made sense in my head that I was being clear ; )

          • who cares

          • the haters do. Absolutely anything that can be used to attack our PM is fair game. Facts need not apply.

            The Conservative "purists" want to gut every program immediately and invoke "conservative principles" He is not a Conservative enough.

            The Liberal-left want more spending but stand up in parliament trying to block it.

            Neither hard right or hard left is happy. (Sucks for them)

            UAE represents one billion per year on an annual basis. The European deal will be around twelve.

            Trade "deals" under the government have been growing.

            I am impressed by the MPs passing symbolic motions like the NDP C 311 and banning tanker traffic on BC coast.

            Clearly they are interested in progress and global trade with the fastest growing markets.

          • Speaking of the European deal, rumour has it it was Lufthansa who was the influence on Harper refusing UAE more access. I always thought Harper was in favour of Open Skies, so I don't get why he is now protecting a particular alliance of airlines.

        • WTF? we're protecting CANADIAN (Air CANADA) jobs you idiot!!!!

          • Isn't that the role of the NDP?

  6. Does Canada require people from UAE to have a visa to enter Canada? If not, then it's time to do so. Canadians need to stick together and not let the UAE bully us into doing what they want. Maybe their diplomats need to be sent home as well. Maybe it's time to stop all flights from the UAE airline. This isn't the Conservative Prime Minister Harper against the UAE. It's The UAE trying to bully Canadians and then have the nerve to insult our Government. Time to stop this.

    • try it and see how fast the business community strings Harper up.

      • Catch 22.

    • Wow…I expect my Government to use diplomacy to solve problems and behave better than my 2 year old who has the same reaction…as in …" Well if you do this to me than I'm doing this to you"……..Do we not have adults in Government?

    • I could not agree more. Time to deny overflights to Emirates Airlines. We will fly not the Emirates and they will not fly over Canada. So much for their polar flights to SFO etc… After all, they denied overflights to the defense minister.

  7. Just another sales job from the PM's office: It is time for us Canadians to take our country back from the likes of Harper and his stagnation politics, validated by finger-pointing, boo-hoo tactics meant to justify the Conservative lack of ideas and action. For once, I would like to see Harper take responsibility for his incompetenc, maybe I will have a little more respect for the man as opposed for the manipulator.

  8. Harper is the problem. Solution – replace him with someone not so ideologically extreme. Canada has been the envy of the world over the past several decades by being relatively nuetral and diplomatic internationally and reasonably fair minded domestically. Why was that so bad? I want the Liberals back in power. Soon.

    • Man-o-man
      "Canada has been the envy of the world over the past several decades by being relatively nuetral and diplomatic internationally and reasonably fair minded domestically."
      This sentence ia the 2010 "progressive" sentence of the year. What countries are officially envious of us? China? India? Russia? United States? Austrailia? Germany? Indonesia? Brazil?
      Maybe Malia, Haiti or Burma. Canada is admired by some because we are Stong and Free, not because we are pansies.
      Happy New Year.

      • Canada USED to be the envy of the world….now we're a joke.

        • A joke to the dictators in the UN or the university educated socialists who are rioting in the streets in Europe because their fees went up to attend school?

          Tell it those in Indonesia when the earthquake struck and we could not send our DART team. Had to rent a Russian plane and help in Sri Lanka. (No strategic lift necessary) VIP Challenger Jets instead!

          Tell to to those when the UN and Liberals stood by and did nothing in Darfur. (I could go but the Liberals think they actually stood up vs rolled over.

          Our pride in our military and our nation is strong and your are hanging out with the wrong people.

          [youtube cowe84zw32c youtube]

    • Sure. Lets go back to the way that we don;t stand up to anything. At lease Harper can stand up and say no.
      Good for you Harper. I am very proud of the work you are doing.

  9. Take a good look at what's going on around the world,looks to me the revolution has started,the sooner we admit it,the sooner all this will be irrelevant.

    • And what 'revolution' would that be?

      • I'm guessing costas is referring to New Protectionism?

        • I dunno, could be dragging Lenin and Marx into this…lotta wannabe 'revolutionaries' out there. LOL

    • Huh?

    • must be why harper wants his bunker. canadians take the hit while he hides in his outhouse.

  10. * The IMF says that Dubai Inc debt amounts to $109bn: That is far higher than the consensus estimate of roughly $85bn, but below the most extreme analyst estimates of nearly $160bn. The IMF's estimates may even be a bit low, since it tallies only $14.35bn in debt subject to Dubai World's proposed standstill. Dubai World itself has put that figure at $26bn. The IMF says it found another $11.7bn at the Dubai World subsidiaries that have been excluded from the restructuring, such as DP World. There's another $14.8bn at Dubai Holding, the IMF reckons, and $20.4bn at the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Combined with the $23.7bn owed directly by the emirate and another $24.4bn by other government companies like the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and the Dubai International Financial Centre, it comes out to $109.3bn in debt.

    That works out to the equivalent of 130 per cent of Dubai 's economy. And of that figure, about $35bn is guaranteed by the Dubai Government, an amount equivalent to 40 per cent of Dubai's GDP.

    • The only thing the imf does is hijack Country's and hopefully soon they will be delt what they've been dealing to others.From the looks of things all around the world this will be the last push

  11. The IMF also says Dubai Inc faces $15.53bn in debt repayments this year, which isn't much compared to the $24.4bn it will need to repay next year and the $25.1bn that comes due in 2014. But it represents 15 per cent of each dirham the combined governments of the UAE are projected to earn this year.

    * Next, the fund estimates that the UAE's foreign assets last year = $323bn: that includes sovereign wealth funds such as the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and overseas investments by high net worth individuals. That is down significantly from the $568bn this in foreign assets held in 2004.

    • WTH does that have to do with anything? You wanna add up all the Canadian debt?

      This is about more flights to and from Canada, something even Stelmach wants.

    • Bob, you must be another drone from the Harper War Room, distributing irrelevant information to diffuse the issues at hand. Lets focus on the topic at issue here before we start another discussion on National debt. The issue here is Harper's inadequacy as a states man. Can you comment whether you believe Harper and the Conservative party have acted in good faith with regards to the EAU and in fact other players on the International level? It is my opinion that Harper and the Conservatives have failed Canadians and Canada and this issue is only one, almost insignificant issue among a long list of incompetent actions (or lack thereof) taken by this government. What do you think?

      • Emirates Air has 90 Airbus A380's on order and are desperate to fill those seats any way that they can, the UAE and all of their state owned businesses are going down the toilet, they have never dealt in good faith with anyone, not even their own kind, but I wouldn't expect those from the left who live in a land of fairy tales, lollipops and unicorns to ever even begin to understand.

        • The UAE isn't going broke, so stop trying to excuse this Harp mess.

          None of the Cons are actually conservative it seems. They are big on fairy tales and unicorns.

          • The Associated Press

            DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Just a year after the global downturn derailed Dubai's explosive growth, the city is now so swamped in debt that it's asking for a six-month reprieve on paying its bills — causing a drop on world markets Thursday and raising questions about Dubai's reputation as a magnet for international investment.

            The fallout came swiftly and was felt globally after Wednesday statement that Dubai's main development engine, Dubai World, would ask creditors for a “standstill” on paying back its $60 billion debt until at least May. The company's real estate arm, Nakheel — whose projects include the palm-shaped island in the Gulf — shoulders the bulk of money due to banks, investment houses and outside development contractors.

          • We don't decide what countries to trade with based on their internal finances…we are negotiating a trade deal with the EU at the moment after all….so kindly stop pretending this Con mess has anything to do with Dubai's economy

          • Where is this mess Emily?

            The UAE shooting themselves in the foot with these visa fees is hardly something the majority of Canadians are the least bit concerned about.

          • Dubai—home to the future world's tallest building, artificial islands shaped like a palm tree, and a misplaced faith in the power of wealth—is broke. The government has asked its many creditors for a six-month reprieve from debt payments.

          • So are a lot of countries in the EU, but it's not stopping us from negotiating a trade deal with them

            And yes, Canadians are concerned about our loss of standing in the world.

            So should you be if you were a genuine conservative. It means a massive loss of business.

          • Keep drinking that red Kool Aid

          • Go to Greece and see how that socialism thingy has worked out for them…..hah.

          • The former chief executive officer of the Dubai Islamic Bank was yesterday accused in a Dubai court of concealing a fraud leading to a loss to the bank of $490 million.

            Local prosecutors have charged seven suspects, five businessmen and two former employees of the bank, of defrauding the bank of $490 million between 2004 and 2007, according to the report carried in Gulf News today.

          • a) Cons drink kool-aid, no one else does

            b) I'm not, nor have I ever been, nor would I ever be…socialist.

            c) Lots of people in the US and the UK have been…and are about to be…accused of fraud.

            Seems I'm more of a conservative than you are.

          • Liberals are irrelevant in today's Canada, they stand for nothing with the exceptions being theft, graft and corruption.

            Gomery said of the LPoC, "they are criminally organized".

            The Liberal Party is destined to become "da turd" or perhaps even the fourth party after the next election, whenever that is.

            They're even trailing the NDP in Quebec, what a joke.

            If clues were shoes you'd be barefoot.

          • Well that's just a partisan propaganda, and I'm not interested in Con HQ horsesh*t.

            Plus, I'm not a Liberal, so you needn't bother wasting talking points.

          • Still barefoot I see……………..

          • No, I wear leather boots, hon.

          • what are u talking about? those countries in the E.U. have things that dubai could only DREAM of.

            1. educated work force
            2. health care and education for everyone (sometimes even free university)
            3. universities (dubai's are terrible, university of waterloo knows this and has a campus there to make money off all the stupid arabs so we can funnel it back to canada)
            3. fertile land
            4. democracy
            5. lack of reliance on OIL
            6. fresh water

            U.A.E.'s future is unsustainable unless they invest entirely in solar power to power those indoor ski hills and reverse osmosis desalination plants. They are entirely dependent on importing everything and exporting only oil and fat-cat princes who torture people.

  12. omg – see QMI's rebuttal by, who else, Brian Lilley, complete with a "government official". Looks like we have a "Gulf News North".

  13. What a load of rubbish!!! An 'opinion' letter – too bad they did not even have the b@lls to sign it.

    • It's an editorial…they are never signed because it is a statement by the newspaper.

      • So now we know the Gulf News is just a mouth piece for the Al Nahyan family.

        • Just like QMI is for it's owner and the sun newspapers are for theirs.
          Strange how that works.

  14. This is simple pettiness by the UAE. Canada doesn't want or need political advice from the third world. Coming from a country which has limited freedoms and even more limited human rights this is laughable. Enjoy the third world.

    • Another non-conservative opinion.

      • Canada may be in the First Wold , but its people have Third World mentality…

    • The UAE has a significantly higher gdp per capita than Canada. It's not third world. It's an emerging global trade hub and an opportunity we're missing out on. If a foreign air carrier can supply more seats than a domestic one, why should we limit them?

      • That's because they don't count two thirds of their population as people!!! they're "foreign migrants/workers" and any non-arab person is considered trash.

        • and yet we are doing everything in our power to NOT limit China….as a matter of fact Canada is actively seeking trade with China….So what was your point again

        • Where as here Harper and Co attribute that quality to the country's original inhabitants and any new arrival that isn't an evangelical xtian.

  15. Lol. they're just mad because we won't land more of their planes. i don't think harper's great either, but we haven't "lost our way", we're pretty much the same

  16. Why is the UAE giving us political advice? lol. who wants political advice from the middle east?

    • Why are we telling Russia, Ivory Coast and Hungary what to do?

    • Exactly! we dont need, or want their advice.This is all about planes. I hope our PM stays the course

  17. I didn't need the UAE to tell me that Canada has lost its way with Harper, the illegal PM holding onto power with our money. The UAE doesn't know the half of it.

  18. Canada Sucks..

    • Canada doesn't 'suck'. There are far worse places to live….but half our nation is functionally illiterate and very parochial.

      Our leaders reflect that.

  19. I'm not a big fan of the religio-fanatical UAE either. I don't want to travel there anyways, thank you very much. At least Harper is ELECTED. It's a lot better than their DICTATORSHIP. When people like then say we have "lost our way" then it is a COMPLIMENT. It means that we must be doing something RIGHT!

    • 'War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power'….and we have always been at war with Oceania.

      • I'm not sure there is a more apt example of a cliche than to use a 1984 reference.

  20. Most of you pounding your chests are in the minority as you know. (or are in denial of) If an election were held today, Harper and the PC would win.
    So stifle it.
    Back on topic.
    Why should Air Canada (let alone the Canadian Government) bend over backwards for an extremist supporting, "I''ll just buy it then" dictator Sheik of a backwards-ass middle eastern eye-sore of a country? (I've been there, much of their grandeur is all pompous "we're richer than you" BS- they have little other than oil to offer)
    I for one support these sanctions as would most Canadains other than the placard-waving, pot-smoking, lefties that frequent here….

    • Harper is not PC. No such party exists anymore.

      And no, polls haven't changed in 5 years, Harper is going nowhere, and no one intends to keep quiet, however much Reformatories wish they would

      And had you any knowledge of the world outside your doorstep you'd know the UAE is a liberal cosmopolitan country, trying to do business with the protectionists in Ottawa. They are aware the oil is running out, so they are building jet-set tourism for themselves. I'm sorry you felt so poor in comparison.

      No, most Canadians think you're nuts….and most Canadians don't wave placards, or smoke pot…and they aren't 'lefties'.

      • "UAE is a liberal cosmopolitan country" is as accurate as suggesting Stalin's Harvest of Sorrow was a Food Stamps program in the UKRAINE?

        The government restricts freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the local media practises self-censorship by avoiding directly criticizing the government. Freedom of association is also curtailed.

        The UAE has not signed most international human-rights and labor-rights treaties, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, and the Convention against Torture.- all from WIKI

        • It is a liberal cosmopolitan country in the ME….not everywhere is Canada you know. The world is multi-cultural.

          What did YOU think it meant?

          • Keep digging the hole deeper. You provide an wonderful example of a failed Liberal educational system.

          • And Liberals wonder why many are starting to find big holes in multiculturalism as a legislated practice…

  21. they are arabs ofcourse they will no t like israel! the hell with them uae. i support israel one hundred and one percent.

    • So join the military….we've pledged to go to war if Israel is attacked.

      • Canada has certainly made no such pledge.

        • The government has said that an attack on Israel is an attack on Canada.

          • So?

  22. Apparently the Americans aren't the only ones that Canadians riled up over questioning their image.
    An opinion piece with a disagreeable opinion that undoubtedly scored many hits for Gulf News' paper, thus scoring big with their advertisers. Nice play, very nice.

  23. This will slow down the Islamification of Canada, we dont want to end up like Europe.

    • Oooh fear, fear, fear… the tactic again.

      • Well, I guess you have never encountered radical islam emily. Its easy to talk about fear when you haven't experienced it in a proper context. You spout a lot of recycled jibberish. Hear Hear Hear Fear Fear Fear!!!!?? I have been to some of the best and worst muslim countries and both are VERY oppressive. Unless you are Royal /a Despot.

  24. “…UAE had imposed visas on visiting Canadians…”. The majority of these visitors are middle east born people. So who cares about new uae rules.

    • Actually there are a lot of Canadians living and working there, not to mention people from all over the world.

      We do business globally you know.

      • Shame to those Canadians and people from all over the world which work for dictatorships and want to adjust Canada for own consumption

        • In case you haven't noticed there are 7 billion people on this planet other than ourselves. Different cultures, different ideas, different way of doing things.

          Globalization means we have to learn to get along with them all.


          • You're that frightened by a tiny country in the ME?

            You somehow see this as endangering our soverignty??

          • When countries without democratic representation try to impinge on our government's actions by using methods outside of diplomatic dialogue i do see it as an attack on our sovereignty. and u should learn how to spell the word before u try to make insinuating assumptions with it, i am frightened when power is concenrated in a few individuals who are unelected and do not represent the will of the people and I feel for the people of the U.A.E. who are opressed and are having their reputation destroyed by a few rich and greedy pigs. if that system were ever to spread to canada through it's rising global influence gained by oil profits I would be even more frightened.

          • We do business with many nations around the world….as does the US….and many of them aren't democracies. Saudi Arabia….China…etc

            You are not being 'attacked'….that is absurd. It's a simple trade agreement.

            And if you're that afraid of a simple trade agreement, you'd better hide under your bed….because globalization means we'll shortly be trading with everyone….whether you approve of their culture and govt or not

          • what are you talking about? it's a trade DISAGREEMENT, and it's not even that since Canada has made no aggressive actions towards the UAE and is only protecting Canadian jobs from a foreign government operated airline by not simply giving the uae what it asked for with no concessions from the uae. If u are arguing on behalf of free trade u are sadly misinformed. read the article from Leo and if u don't understand it, take some courses in law and finance u sad little person.

          • Yes, it's a trade question…and we've been free-loaders on the UAE for 9 years now.

            Landing rights would create new jobs here.

            I work in the global trade world…which definitely involves law and finance….you scared little ninny.

  25. To all those ranting about a con-mess, you may want to educate yourselves. (Emily, you have really lost it this time)

    Canada and the bully

    "Imagine instead if the US, in order to prop up its beleaguered airlines, imposed visa requirements and costs on Canadians traveling to the US only on non-US airlines. This immediately would be labeled as discriminatory by the Canadian Government and a direct violation of the Canada-US Open Skies Agreement"

    • None of those restrictions applied before the Con-mess screwed everything up.

      And in any case, the US has imposed a long list of restrictions on Canadians, and we just roll over in hopes of a belly-scratch.

      • No, UAE were moving to impose Visa requirements on countries that made them get Visas, i.e. Canada has always required Visas from UAE citizens for travel to Canada. You are out of your depth on this one. Please note that Canada has just signed an agreement with Qatar for three flights a week from Toronto. The prince is just pi__ed that he isn't getting his way.

        "If air transportation services were covered by the GATT, Air Canada would have had the Canadian Government launch a countervailing duty case against Emirates and Etihad. And most likely they would have won the case since both of these airlines (and the third amigo, Qatar) are subsidized by their respective governments. There isn't a level playing field in this industry. However, this industry is not covered by the GATT."

        • The whole visa requirement is from the last few days….we were welcome in the UAE, have even used a base there for free for the last 9 years….until Harper screwed it up.

          Gee….Qatar is just as Muslim as the UAE, just not as valuable to us.

          Face it….it's a Con cock-up to protect Air Canada

          • Do you seriously think that the Liberals would have done differently than the "Cons" on this issue?

            Harper did the right thing… protecting Canadian interests. I'm sorry, but I'm not "partisan" enough to believe the Libs would have done anything differently…

            You need to see through the "partisan politics" here… some people are doing a show for the camera (hey, free votes!), but the Liberals (the majority that actually care about Canada) aren't stupid enough to give in the the UAE

    • that article was spot on, it actually uses facts and sources. unlike the dumb comments from emily

      • Why do you people even PRETEND to be conservatives?

        • It has nothing to do with being conservative but everything to do with Canada sticking up for what is best for Canada. Don't care if it is cons, libs, dips in charge – this was the right thing to do. If you follow ME politics at all, the younger Al Nahyan princes are prone to bullying and hate any stigma of their third-world image. After all, 50 years ago they were wandering around the sand dunes on camels.

          • It has EVERYTHING to do with claiming to be conservative!

            Where are all the vaunted 'conservative principles' you were screaming about a few years ago?

            Conservatives supposedly stood for free markets, open skies, global trade, capitalism….NOT protectionism, the nanny state, red tape, and regulations !

            The UAE is not third world….but you won't make them first world by refusing landing rights between two oil producing countries.

            And I'll remind you that 50 years ago most Canadians had out-houses.

          • For someone who seems to be well read you need to brush up on the global aviation industry. It is one of the most complex with much red tape, regulations and protectionism – always will be.

            "In Canada, Toronto and possibly Vancouver, because of their locations, have the potential to become a gateway airport, or at least a regional hub, but only as long as Air Canada survives and grows. Air Canada will not have the opportunity to deploy their Boeing 787s (currently on order) to expand the number of spokes into these two hubs and the reach of their network if the three amigos are able to dump capacity into Canada."

            UAE is a third world country dressed up to be first world. Do you know anybody who has lived and worked there?

          • I'm well informed about the global aviation industry…it's part of my job.

            It is not, however, our 'conservative' govt's job to protect Air Canada.

            The UAE is not a third world country…but even if it was, what difference does it make? Do you want to make money, expand our economy, let jobs develop or not??

            No, we won't always have red tape, regulations and protectionism….that's what globalization means…an end to all that.

          • No you don't know anything about the aviation industry – it is protectionist and always will be. Current agreements between countries are constantly changing as the global trends change so everyone gets their fair share – UAE is being greedy.

            Enough posters have tried to explain why Canada supports its airlines – we are a huge land mass with few people – end of storey.

          • Yes dear, I do. Kindly don't tell me my job.

            And no, it won't.

            And no, they aren't.

            Gee, if Russia….which is vastly bigger than us….doesn't whine, I don't see why we should

            End of YOUR story, anyway.

          • I guess the first "Conservative principle" is doing what's best for one's country.

            Here, it is clearly protecting our national interests, jobs and security.

            Liberalisation can only work successfully with countries that are similar to ours… (workplace laws, health and safety, equality, etc..) if not, we lose and are doing more "international aid" than anything.

            It's good to see political decisions reflecting that and casting blind dogma aside.

            Makes me proud to be a canadian.

          • How is this 'best for Canada'? We have lost this valuabe, irreplacable base for our continued presence in Afghanistan and we are propping up a lousy airline.

          • Jobs, taxes, HUMAN RIGHTS, environment, etc…

            what do you want that base for? Someone else will get the economic and defensive benefits of a canadian presence.

  26. Who are the traitors who stand on the side of the concerted effort to destroy Christianity. Do decent Canadians really want anything to do with people who would destroy any country, Israel included. There is more to life people than your own selfishness.

    • Pardon?? Canadian foreign affairs is not some church mission. Other people have other religions….some are even…gasp…atheists.

      It is not our job to convert the world to your personal beliefs.

      As to Muslims, they aren't interested in your beliefs….they want our militaries and the dictators we support, out of their countries so they can run their own affairs.

      • Like getting back to stoning women in peace?

        • The Inquisition was better? Or maybe you mean killing doctors and gays?

          It is not our job to convert the world to your religious beliefs….especially since we've had 2000 years of horrendous christian ones we can't excuse.

          • The difference, of course, is that islam specifically condones and promotes such actions.

          • So does christianity.

            Slavery, stoning, gang-rape, genocide.

            Apparently you've never read the Bible.

          • Emily,
            Sorry to say but I think you are a little over the top. You might want to reflect on what you write before you hit the submit button. No Christian leader condones "slavery, stoning, gang-rape and genocide" except maybe that preacher in Florida.
            Happy New year

          • Apparently you are unfamiliar with the religion you are defending. There are indeed christians who promote and do just such things. And they want the govt to institute such Biblical laws as the law of the land.

            To a more knowledgeable New Year….

          • Emily… If you are able to travel, and I don't mean putting the wheels back on your mobile home and heading further south to the next trailer court, visit Vatican city and Mecca. I would suggest the Vatican first, you will find that you are most welcome there, will marvel at the structures, paintings, sculptures and ancient carpets from all over the world. Visit Mecca, and you will be killed on the spot if you are not a Muslim.. hence the suggestion.

          • I've travelled all my life thanx….and I live in a Victorian home.

            The Vatican for all it's pretty paintings is responsible for the death of millions.

            And no, you don't get killed in Mecca.

          • "There are indeed christians who promote and do just such things [Slavery, stoning, gang-rape, genocide]. And they want the govt to institute such Biblical laws as the law of the land."

            Not mainstream Christians in Canada, Emily. Back up your outrageous claim or admit you are (once again) resorting to libelling an entire group due to your rabid anti-Christian hatred.

      • You really are ignorant.. muslims want to come here !!! They don't give a f*** about the rest.

        If you get out of in front of your computer and walk outside in Toronto, you'd know what I speak of.

    • Hey Judge, ya'll good ol'e boys may choose to believe in Jewish Fairy Tales…but most of us do not.

      Are you saying that Foreign Affairs is a Christian missionary / crusade effort?

      I am Jewish…and I am disgusted with the State of Isreal. In fact I lost have of my family in the camps. That does not mean I believe that Palestine should be a concentration camp. Nor do I believe that the Jewish lobby should control our gov't.

      The truly pathetic part is that there is more debate about their conduct in Isreal then there is in Canada.

  27. Let them foam in the mouth and just ignore them, they will soon tire. Abu Dhabi right now is trying to get over defaulting their debts that they would resort to blackmailing. To allow UAE airline more landing rights, is not opening up to fair competition as this airline is heavily subsidized, thus they have been creating havoc in Australia and Europe's airline industry since they were let in. People should think about that before welcoming them without preconditions. I believe Canada is not only pressured by Air Canada but also from European countries, as letting UAE get more landing rights in Canada will lead European airline industry's ruin as well. Should UAE learn how to compete fairly, then they are very welcome, not until then. It made me laugh when Canadians willingly argue in behalf of UAE, working as their unpaid lobbyists. The phrase "useful idiots" comes to mind, I hope these willing idiots do not run their own business or they might end up giving their businesses to their competition at a bargain if not at no cost.

    • Again…this is not being conservative. We are losing billions of dollars, not to mention jobs.

      The UAE already has landing rights here, and amazingly we still survive. They simply want more….in oil-producing provinces….you know, for oil people and oil deals? Stelmach is all for it.

      Maybe he's the conservative you're not

      • Emily if conditions are not met, those billions may look like peanuts when contracts stretched into years. If they learn to met our conditions and play fairly, they will be welcomed with open arms – not until then. I hope you will not be negotiating any business contracts very soon. Palestinians should hire you as their negotiator so we could have peace.

        • We freeloaded on the UAE for 9 years, and all they wanted was expanded landing rights. We just blew billions away, not to mention jobs.

          Please stop pretending otherwise.

          PS I've run a successful business for many years…globally in fact, so enough patronizing as well.

          • So you are careful with your business but freely give Canada away? Way to go.

          • Extending landing rights to a country we've freeloaded on for 9 years is hardly giving away Canada.

            Exaggerate much?

          • Emily,
            We didn't freeload.. Canada pumped a lot of money into their local economy. What's a base in the desert worth… one dollar per section?

          • We didn't pay for the use of the base for 9 years….the fact our soldiers sometimes shop is hardly the same thing.

            What's the base worth? Well since we don't own it, that's up to the UAE. What would we charge other nations to use any of our bases….even an Arctic one?

            Other countries happily continue using the base, it's only us that got tossed.

          • Freeloading? Exaggerating much? Are you really in business? The Gasoline the military have to guzzle while fighting terrorism, the food, consumptions, and other needs they have to buy from Abu-Dahbi while there, are not for free. in fact, it contributes greatly to UAE's suffering economy. The military service, contribution, and expenses for fighting terrorism that UAE are exempt from contributing, in exchange for this landing rights are not miniscule. As UN member, UAE has obligations towards UN coalitions to fight terrorism also. Canada with the many other countries, contribute money, logistics, other resources, and most precious of all the lives of soldiers towards this UN cobbled coalition. Before you throw the word Freeloader, make sure you know what it means first, you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • The use of a military base for 9 years …for free…and then refusing to offer anything for it….is free-loading.

            And like I said, shopping doesn't begin to cover it. The UAE is loaded with shoppers.

            The UAE isn't required to 'fight terrorism'….that's our gig, not theirs. UN countries are not required to donate a plugged nickel towards something that only concerns us.

            Really Ariadne….your name is well chosen. Mythology.

          • Not our gig, it's UN's gig. If you look at the signatory, you will see UAE there, so please give me a break. Really Emily, you become so predictably a Middle Eastern and Persian's lobbyist. I hope they pay you well.

          • No, it's the Bush-Blair gig…there is no 'war on terrorism' beyond those 2 idiots.

            It has nothing to do with the UAE…or anyone else for that matter, so don't try to drag me…or others… into these idiotic little wars for pipelines.

            I'm a globalist, Ariadne…not a white supremicist.

          • If it makes you happy to pretend there is no terrorism, then who am I to make you sad.

          • Terrorism is a tactic..nothing more.

            Used by the IRA, Bader-Meinhoff, Red Brigade, Basques etc

            Only the US gets into panics over such things. And Harper, who is off to hide in a nuclear bunker for fear of the Taliban airforce

          • All the rest you mentioned never used God's name in killing. As a tactic, it's so horrible, and that does not excuse any of the above organization for their brutality, it has never been alright. Emily it's about Islamic Supremacy, how I wish I can close my eyes and just be as naive as you are but Before you excuse brutality of any kind watch this video that has been submitted to UN from TV channels across Middle Easts and Persia:


          • LOLOL of course they do…everyone does.

            Even Nazis used 'Got mitt us' on their uniforms

            I don't see 'terrorism' by others any different than our dropping bombs on women and children from 30,000 ft

            It's NEVER been about Islamic supremacy …that's Bush's BS…shame on you for being such a gullible dumbcluck

            Hey you wanna see terrorism?

          • Now I know what your global business is Emily.

          • Yes, trade…I've said it often enough.

            Liked the kids getting shot in a military video game mood didja?

            This is what you're backing….proud of yourself?

            Maybe some introspection over the new year is in order, eh?

          • "The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also one of NATO's 48 Troop Contributing Nations for the war in Afghanistan and provides air bases to NATO member states for the war in that country."

            They only supplied 15 troops so the air base was the remainder of their contribution.

            Someone must have peed in your cornflakes this morning as you usually base your stance on facts. Have a good and safe New Year's eve!!!

          • And you aren't required to either contribute or respond in any way.

            I am basing my 'stance' on facts. You just don't like em.

            I already celebrated New Years with people in J-burg earlier, but thanks anyway and the same to you.

      • Billions of $$$ !?!?!

        Where do you get that from? Marijuana? LOL

  28. I think the UAE is really angry at the United States but is Too Afraid to admit it. Displaced anger.

    Because whatever the USA does in this world is more important than what Canada does.
    And the United States is certainly much more protectionist than Canada is.
    UAE, I think you have your countries mixed up.

    • Cheezuz are you that wimpy?

  29. This is the part where I just about heard enough of the UAE. If they are not happy with the way we conduct our business, they can pretty well stay away. And I mean ''away'' across the board. No, we are not doormats like Australia, so take your attitude somewhere else.

    • Yup…costing us billions and lots of jobs, but what the hey. As long as YOU are happy, right?

      Dry cleaners phoned…your hood is ready.

      • Uncalled for Emily, not really cool.

      • Again Emily… how do you calculate "costing us billions of dollars" ?

        One could argue this actually saves us money and costs far mor to the UAE… Having the base there actually creates wealth. Someone really working in the trade industry should know that.

  30. Oh those wacky protectionist Conservatives. When is Michael Ignatieff's Libertarian government coming to power again?

  31. They are bang on. Just as Americans seemed to be with the runaway Bush/Cheney administration, Canadians appear to be too close to the issue when it comes to our current government. The rest of the world gapes dumbfounded and snickers mockingly at what has happened to our country, but 30-35% of Canadians haven't noticed, are still entranced by the manipulations and false façades the Harperites feed us daily. One almost needs to travel out of the country and look back to see what's going on here.

    • Well you are right about one thing about 35% of the population doesn't feel the need to pander to blackmailing despotic regimes for some kind of bizarre ego gratification. We finally have a govt which puts Canadians first before its own international glorification.

  32. Why do we care what these slave traders think ?

  33. Canada has indeed lost its way.

    Since when does our word mean nothing?

    I have voted for all the political parties at one time or another. So all you Conservative cheerleaders can save your pinko, leftie BS for your drinking buddies.

    UAE let us use the base free for 9 years. This is how we repay them? Pathetic.

    It is funny, Conservatives wax on about competition, free markets and capitalism. When there is a glorious opportunity to have more competition in our airline industry….Harper balks. Talk is cheap, actions count.

    Or is the problem the UAE are not Americans. The US has no problem taking over our companies and conducting trade here. Is it that we do not want any of "them" here? Who knows. To me it would have killed two birds with one stone. Repay UAE and help Canadians stop being gauged by Air Canada.

    Isreal is a red herring. It has nothing to do with the subject. Some of you do have a hard time chewing and walking gum eh?

  34. Those among you who are 110% for Israel and our troops yay yay yay pump a fist into the air and yell stfu to all those who counsel diplomacy and moderation (and what goes hand in hand with those strategies – Christian tolerance and unconditional love for your fellow man) back in the 30s probably would have been the same xenophobes who agreed with the signs in Toronto that read 'No Jews or dogs allowed'. I know your kind. So does Jesus.

  35. I don't have problem in not giving Emirates flights more access to Toronto. But Air Canada has to do more to match Emirates. Air Canada robs passengers with stupid service by charging more money.

    I avoid Air Canada at any cost, they don't deserve my money. Once they start getting their act together I will travel with them.

    Sorry to say, Air Canada is not loyal to their customers. Their employees think they are the only ones who is providing the service.

    • I whole heartily agree with this comment, if it were not for bail outs over the years they would not be in business.

  36. Harper, as flawed as he is, is being used as an excuse to hurl rhetoric and as proof for an argument, no matter how well intentioned the arguer maybe. While we exchange clever and not so clever remarks here and reveal our infinite or finite wisdom(s), the world goes to hell anyway. "What we have here is a lack of communication.." Non-violent communication and a shift in focus from being "right" to being understood and heard is the answer to all of this. There is no "right" answer, no matter your political orientation. We as a species could do well to view one another with compassion and in doing so, validate ourselves and our inalienable right to exist.

    Utopia you say? Why not???

  37. Harper, as flawed as he is, is being used as an excuse to hurl rhetoric and as proof for an argument, no matter how well intentioned the arguer maybe. While we exchange clever and not so clever remarks here and reveal our infinite or finite wisdom(s), the world goes to hell anyway. "What we have here is a lack of communication.." Non-violent communication and a shift in focus from being "right" to being understood and heard is the answer to all of this. There is no "right" answer, no matter your political orientation. We as a species could do well to view one another with compassion and in doing so, validate ourselves and our inalienable right to exist.

  38. Must not have any more women to stone.

  39. Well, this suggests that the UAE is full of petulant children, much like many other regions of the Middle East. Let them whine. Clearly they have no idea how to conduct international relations. They tried to strong-arm Canada and they lost, and now we see them trying to save face.

  40. By the comments, I see that this is read mostly by lefties. Those Marxists-in-disguise, Islamist-loving people, cannot handle a Conservative party being in power. Get a life!

    True Canadian

  41. Canada has “lost its way” because it agrees on everything that the United States does or says.
    Canada should be more independent and separate in its way of thinking from the United States.

  42. have these people ever been educated….they are talking non sense.have no clue about the world politics.L O L one of them says canada should have nothing to do with third world!!! hah does he/she know CANADA itself is "THIRDWORLD" country??? helloooo…smell the java

  43. Canada is an American Copy Cat… but problem is they cant even copy well….