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Duceppe describes Bloc as “resistance”

WWII parallel draws protests from federal Tories


Speaking to a large crowd of Bloc Québécois supporters in Quebec City on Saturday, Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe described the party’s faithfuls as “résistants” against Canada’s drive to turn Quebec into a province like any other. The evocation of the resistance terminology associated with opposition to the Nazis in wartime Europe drew fire from the Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon. Duceppe stuck with the analogy, though. “Quebec sovereignty is not possible, just as the Liberation was not possible, without the work of resisters,” he explained. As his party prepares to mark 20 years as the separatist faction in the federal House, however, exactly what it’s resisting isn’t always obvious. Not Canadian multiculturalism, apparently: at the same event where Duceppe spoke, former Bloc MP Suzanne Tremblay said that being exposed in Ottawa to Canada’s ethnic diversity prompted the Bloc to open up to Quebecers of varied origins more quickly than the Parti Québécois.

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Duceppe describes Bloc as “resistance”

  1. Good one Gilles – perhaps you can get Quentin Tarentino to make the story into a movie "les bâtards déshonorants" ;-)

  2. I think it's time Quebecers show these wing nuts the door. I would be embarrassed if my province where sending these over the hill demented hillbillies to represent me. The hypocrisy is just beyond. Those valiant crusaders out to destroy Canada and there by impoverish Quebec, fully intend to keep cashing their bloated pension checks from the government of Canada. I would bet the farm if they were told, you leave Canada, pensions cut off, you would never hear another peep out of them. Unfortunately this wouldn't happen so we will have to listen to the weekly "outrage" of there not being enough French spoken in Vancouver, not enough Quebecers in the NHL or God knows what. God, what a country.

  3. maybe the resistance fighters are those putting in court challenges against quebec language laws

  4. You guys really don't get it. Anglos reacting everywhere saying "let them go"…finally, you got the mesage. Slow to learn but you're getting there. Maybe next time you won't show up in Quebec to tell us how much you "love" us. You remember the massive "love In" in 1995? You should have stayed home. Bunch of Hypocrites!

  5. Everybody seem to always mix everything up! French in Vancouver? Well, knowing French and English are the 2 official languages of country it seems logical to me to show that to the world. On Deceppe's comments, it's the same old bashing between Anglos and Francos…can we get over it? I thought we were a more mature Nation than that! If people in Quebec wants to go, well its their decision, not Duceppe's call. Now, I am embarassed to hear comments on BOTH sides. A lack of vision to say the least!