Duceppe to Iggy: You’re a wimp


Gilles Duceppe double dog dares Michael Ignatieff to bring down the Conservatives in a speech to the BQ’s youth wing in Quebec City:

“We’re going to get this report on employment insurance. If Harper refuses to change his policy and if Ignatieff stops giving in, we’ll be in elections. But these are big ‘ifs’. I’d be surprised if Harper changed his position. I’d be less surprised if Ignatieff gave in once again.”

I’m hoping Ignatieff replies with the always devastating “I know you are but what am I?”


Duceppe to Iggy: You’re a wimp

  1. LOL … this is getting interesting.

  2. “I know you are but what am I?”

    Or if Iggy really wants to up the ante, he could go with 'I'm rubber you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.'

  3. Has Duceppe noticed the gaps between his position and Iggy's position on what EI should look like ?

    Gilles (and Jack) want a "permanent" chage, while Iggy has (so far) been adamant about a "temorary, until the recession ends" change. And Iggy is also open to increasing the 360 hours., which would very likely be another deal breaker with Jack and Gilles.

    There is no way Iggy can word his EI non-confidence motion so that all the Opps leaders can agree, while being consitent with their positions, and saving face with their respective bases.

    Ever since the Greeks first tried, nobody has been able to square the circle. And the three Opps leaders won't be able to square THIS circle either. Therefore, no fall election.

    • Personally, I'm pretty dubious that changes like this would ever be temporary.

    • They have all staked there claim that there will be no voting confidence in the government. Unless Iggy is offered another face saver then there will be an election.

      EI is THE worst issue for them to call an election over, but I suspect it will be a convenient excuse that goes away within a week.

      The liberals seem to be lining up "leadership" as their issue, Conservative Government not a leader on Flu, Isotopes, EI etc

      Harper looks like he has been spenidng the summer courting Jean Charest.

      This could boomerang on all except Duceppe. What a great job, good pay, low stress, no repsonisbility or prospect of responsibility, committed audience. The Who of Canadian politics without the drugs and the death.

      • Well, Harper didn't need any reason at all to break his own fixed election date law last year, so it will be a little difficult for him to argue "we don't need an election".

        So I agree, a one day story before everyone focuses on the important questions – like who loves Canada more, what kind of vegetable or fruit each leader is really deep down, who plays piano the best and who looks stupidest in a sweater-vest – and then six weeks of Conservative bloggers whining about hypocritically that this was an unnecessary election that only The Media wanted (so they could sell more and get the Liberals elected) and the Liberals (so they could grab power back).

  4. Poor Dion….oops…I mean Iggy is always getting picked on.

  5. If Duceppe keeps this up, Iggy may not have any choice but to write another book.

    Double dog dare indeed!

  6. And the HoC is open for business again, ladies and gentlemen!!!

    (No, that's not HoC as in House of Commons, but HoC as in House of Clowns — in case you were wondering)

  7. So, when do they kiss, make up, and talk the GG into forming a coalition?

  8. He isn't going to force an election unless he is sure he can win. Otheriwise it would be a total waste of money. Grow up Duceppe.

  9. What Duceppe has is a lot of sang-froid, after all he must have to day in and day out to advocate the abandonment of over one million francophones just to have a separate seat at the UN.

  10. Why not run that ad with the "soldiers marching in Canadian cities-with guns" Could work for the Liberals this time. Expose that Secret Agenda HarperBush has.