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Duo pleads guilty in Canadian “honour killing” case

Father and brother of Aqsa Parvez face life in prison


The father and brother of Aqsa Parvez have pleaded guilty to the young girl’s murder. Aqsa was strangled to death by Muhammad, 60, and Waqas, 29, in the morning of Dec. 10, 2007 at their Toronto-area home for rejecting the cultural traditions of her Pakistani family, including an arranged marriage that was planned for the 16-year-old. According to the National Post, prosecutors say the killing was “a gender-based crime motivated by patriarchal concepts of honour and shame.” After killing Aqsa, Muhammad reportedly declared: “My community will say you have not been able to control your daughter. This is my insult. She is making me naked.” Prior to her murder, the teen had confided in friends and officials at school that she felt oppressed in the house. She once stayed in a shelter in fear that her father would kill her for disobeying his wishes. Tuesday’s guilty pleas to second-degree murder mean automatic life sentences, and both the Crown and defence lawyers have asked for 18 years of incarceration for Waqas and Muhammad before they are eligible for parole.

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Duo pleads guilty in Canadian “honour killing” case

  1. Wow. What an out-to-lunch nationality they are!

    • I also condemn this act, but i just want to point out to free man that we shouldnt generalize either.

    • It's not "nationality," it's an interpretation of a religion + non-western values regarding equality between genders. A despicable crime, but don't confuse nationality with religious extremism.

  2. 18 years is not enough, how about doing the same to them

  3. These 'honor killings' are not condoned OR permitted in Canada. I am so upset that a father and son would purposely MURDER a 16 year old girl who couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag and then to have two adult men jump on her and strangle her to death is just horrible to imagine. What kind of 'honor' have you brought to yourselves and your family. I believe when a Canadian (nationalized) commits a crime as heinous as this that they should be deported back to whence they came. Obviously the beliefs are the same there. Why they left their own country is questionable.

  4. Wow. The level of ignorance on this site always amazes me. The nationality is not to blame; it is the horrific fundamentalism and gender-based oppression that can rear its ugly head in any culture, we all need to be ashamed of.

  5. nope, you are incorrect.. it is the nationality, they need to gtfo of our country.

    • It is not the religion nor the culture as killing is bad every where,but it is the personality and the amount of education he had .He is a bad person.Killing in Islam is forbidden unless it is self defense like here in Canada .Islam means peace and emphasize strong family bonds. Iam muslim and proud.

  6. HOnky, I take it you're one of these people who murders their own family members, lives in giant houses with 100 family members, and drives Escalades. Your comments are no good here, please get back on the boat or bus to pick berries.

  7. Whether it is rooted in religion, culture or an unimaginable ego, I will never, in this lifetime, come to understand this degree of rage.
    There were really three lives lost that day. While it's true that the son and father still draw breath, their lives have been altered in a way which neither of them can perceive. The loss of freedom which incarceration brings, along with it's mind-numbing boredom, will provide ample opportunity for them to further develop their rage, laying blame for their "misfortune" squarely at the feet of their victim.
    They no doubt see themselves as martyrs. The general population of most Canadian prisons will perceive them as something else entirely, and we're all pretty familiar with how they deal with child killers.
    What a horribly sad waste of three lives.

  8. why aren't these people being given the life sentences they deserve?
    this kind of behaviour is happening all over canada and always just get "oh they dont know better because they come from where its acceptable" THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE!!

    • Don't get me wrong, I 100% agree it's not an acceptable excuse, and it's pretty insulting to reasonable people from Pakistan as well. But unless there is a good dangerous offender argument to be made, we can't give them more than the maximum sentence.

      To me it's pretty comparable to someone killing their wife for infidelity (pun noted but not intended . . .)

      What I don't get is why the charge here isn't 1st degree.

  9. alot of people don't know why but part of allowing all these different cultures into Canada and western countries is because the new world order has an agenda to create one world government and one united religion under united nations. Create a problem all the while they have a "solution" to all the hate and religious, multicultural problem. Ultimate total control is the end goal. But, i will add. Anyone with any sense to compare this country now to 50yrs ago can see all this multiculturalism does not work. Only adds more problems especially when othe cultures don't respect what we have. Ever wonder why canadians are not moving to certain countries. Because they are *#&@

    • 50 years ago (& 60 years ago & 70 years ago) my grandfather had to report in once a month & swear he wasn't involved in any "unpatriotic" activities. Something to do with coming from the wrong part of Europe. My point is that I'm white and only one generation removed from racial discrimination. What about you? 100% Victorian English or something?

    • Tin foil is on special at the grocery store, get it cheap while you can!

  10. has anyone else noticed the link in hr's name? I'm speechless.

  11. This article is very misleading: "a gender-based crime motivated by patriarchal concepts of honour and shame."

    Why not come out and openly say that the problem is with fundamentalist Islamic values clashing with Canadian values?

    Anyone not reading this article would just go out and assume men, honor and shame were the sole cause of this tragedy when in reality – this obviously is not the case.

  12. CanadianPerspective
    WARNING! If you think we Westerners are dirty then don't bring your children to Canada! You cannot drag your kids through the mud and expect them to come out squeaky clean on the other end, it not fair to them! If we Westerners were to travel to your country I assume we'd have to adapt to your customs and cultures to fit-in and be accepted there. It's like putting your kids into boiling water and expecting them not to get burned! So if you don't like your children picking up our lifestyle habits, culture and customs then STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HERE! Oh and BTW, the only people who brought shame to their family name is Aqsa's father and brother who murdered her!

  13. harbinder ramandeep, I take it you are one of those hillbillies that pork sheep, rape thier sisters, are socially retarded, racist KKK members, that live in a trailer park, are an alcohlic that beats your wife/sister, drives a rusty old pick-up truck, doesn't have a suit, beats his dog/meat, ahs never left your municipality, convicted fo a felony, supports George Bush, idolizes Sarah Palin…i could go on but I think we all get the point.

    • Wow! The idiots are out in full force on this one. And Honky is the undisputed leader! Good job Buddy!!

  14. While I'm not Muslim like Aqsa's family, I am an immigrant and I hate seeing people bring their baggage with them when they move to Canada. My family came here when I was really young. They CHOSE to come here and knew what to expect (for the most part). Both of my parents were well educated but their degrees weren't recognized here so they took out student loans, went back to university, got good jobs and have tried their best to assimilate into Canadian society. My dad has always said, "If you dont like it here, LEAVE!" to those who complain. People like Parvez, I feel, give all immigrants a bad name and make us seem like bloodthirsty lunatics, but there are plenty who work really hard and do the best with what they have. Anyway, I don't even know where I'm going with this anymore. Thats my rant for the day kiddies!

  15. You're looking at Canada's future unless immigration stops NOW. This would be a good time to call your MP and tell him/her that you will not support them in the next election unless they support an immediate moratorium on all new immigration to Canada for at least 5 years.

  16. Mimi–As a Canadian, I just have to extend my appreciation to you and your parents for having chosen Canada to emigrate to. Our big, beautiful country is enriched by your presence. Anyone who reflects your attitude and moral compass is more than welcome here, in my books!

  17. Immigration should have stopped 200 years ago. that would have solved all our problems. frank, you are right, segregation is the way to go.

  18. This was a horrible tragedy, yet there are 'progressives' and 'feminists' who can't bring themselves to accept the fact that this was an 'honour killing'. If you really want to see what the 'loony left' is up to–tripping over political correctness and whatnot–look here:

    You might also want to give the resident 'moderator' and PC/'Islamophobia' constable a piece of your mind:


  19. Since women & children are the usual victims of such cultural crimes, there should be avenues they can turn to if when they feel endangered. That being said, let my contradict myself. I understand that in Toronto, when Muslim women were asked their opinion of this particular crime, it was shocking; the number that felt the girl brought it on herself. I'd like to see information on what exactly goes into choosing successful applicants who come to Canada & what they are told about our customs & values beforehand. Aqsa'a father said, following the murder, "my community will say…." His community is now Canada , & he is being told on no uncertain terms; how abhorrent his actions are.