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Dutch border city seeks to end drug tourism

Maastricht’s high crime rate due to “drug tourists,” say city officials


Dutch border city Maastricht is pushing to make the legal use of recreational drugs a Dutch-only policy as they struggle to reduce traffic jams and a high crime rate. City officials say as many as two million “drug tourists” visit the city’s 13 “coffee shops” every year, where they can buy marijuana without fear of prosecution. The case is now making its way through the courts to see if the country’s security concern will override the European Union’s guarantee of a unified and unfettered market for goods and services. In July, the advocate general for the European Court of Justice, Yves Bot, issued a finding that the selling of drugs “does not benefit from the freedoms of movement guaranteed by European law.” Many residents of border towns in the Netherlands have also criticized Belgium, France and Germany for tolerating recreational drug use while banning the sale of drugs.

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Dutch border city seeks to end drug tourism

  1. You see, people? Once the looney left gets its way, it all eventually comes crashing down around them. From unfettered immigration to liberal drug laws, the far left can not admit to the truth of human nature nor foresee the destructive repercussions that their own foolish Utopian dreams will invite.
    Luckily for the looney left, and in the long-term interests of their own self-preservation, they have right-minded people fighting them every step of the way.

    • Yeah, that William F. Buckley, who advocated drug legalization, was one looney leftie, wasn't he?

    • Drug legalization is a much more nuanced conversation than you appear to think. The ideology behind marijuana prohibition denies personal liberty and fuels organized crime, at huge waste to tax payers since we have to pay the bill for both ineffective drug prohibition enforcement and more foolish marijuana-related incarceration.

      The War of Drugs has been an utter failure which has come at a huge economical and social cost. Thank God we have right-minded people willing to carry it on.

    • If you actually read the New York Times article to which the post refers, you will see that the problems that the locals are complaining about all actually stem from drugs being ILLEGAL rather than legal. For instance, there is the complaint by locals in Maastricht that people flood into their towns from nearby Belgium and Germany because drugs are still illegal there. The officials quoted state that they wish Belgium and Germany had the same (liberal) laws as the Netherlands; then there'd be no border arbitrage. Secondly, while possession is legal in Maastricht coffee shops, as the article points out nothing was done to legalize the supply and production, and that's where criminal activity steps in. The article can be reasonably interpreted as an argument that the Dutch policies, rather than being too liberal, have not gone far enough towards true legalization, which would eliminate the organized criminal element.

  2. americans…. europe is relaxed about the concept of class c drugs ( weed ).. only a story such as this would be shown in the New York Times, wat a load of ****. … long live Freedom