E-books and other things Jonathan Franzen hates

Noted crank expands on his already extensive list of dislikes


Readers of Jonathan Franzen know he has a particularly dour outlook on life. The author of The Corrections and Freedom seems to like songbirds and hate just about everything else. Added to that list this week were e-books, which Franzen says are eroding the permanence of great literature.

According to an unofficial tally by the Daily Beast, in addition to books not on paper, Franzen’s disdains include: the Internet, cats, Michiko Kakutani and experimental fiction. Not listed, but likely applicable: kids these days, new-fangled bicycles, and writing characters that are in any human or appealing.

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E-books and other things Jonathan Franzen hates

  1. I’m completely with him on e-books. As printed reading material gradually disappears and is replaced more and more by only e-forms, information will be much more open to e-alteration, e-deletion, and e-censorship, call it what you e-will. It gives me the e-shivers. 

  2. I’m not sure I understand why we should give a crap.

    Personally, I dislike yellow pant-suits, and people named Warnica wasting my time. Doesn’t seem to make any difference though, does it?

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