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Earl Jones sentenced to 11 years

Victims have yet to recover any of the money invested with Montreal fraudster


Earl Jones, the disgraced Montreal financier who pleaded guilty to defrauding investors in a $50-million Ponzi scheme, was sentenced Monday to 11 years in jail. “He can rot in hell,” Bevan Jones said of his brother, who bilked him and more than 150 others in the investment fraud. The 11-year sentence was recommended by both prosecutors and Jones’s lawyers. So far, the Quebec government has been unable to recover any of the money handed over to Jones, which it says was never invested.

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Earl Jones sentenced to 11 years

  1. His sentence is simply not enough. It is not in line with the harm he has caused. There should be no concern for his rehabilitation, only a suitable punishment. 11 years isn't suitable.

  2. he will be out in 6 , as he no danger to anyone !!

    What a idiot !

  3. He will be able to apply for parole in 22 months…one sixth of the sentence. This is criminal justice? Where is victim justice? This is a travesty of justice. Shame on the Canadian justice system that protects the criminals.