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Early retirement is good for you, study shows

Retiring at 55 cuts stress and fatigue, boosts mental health


In a study of over 14,000 employees who work for France’s national grid, researchers found that giving up work at 55 cuts stress and fatigue, boosting mental health, although the study found no benefit in terms of physical health. Other research, though, has suggested retirement can actually be detrimental to health, the BBC reports: a year ago, a study found that those who stop working completely once they hit retirement age are at higher risk of heart attacks, cancer and other major diseases than those who do part-time work. In the new study, researchers found that in the year before retirement, one-quarter of workers showed depressive symptoms, and around one in 10 had a known medical condition (like diabetes or heart disease). After retirement there was a drop in mental and physical fatigue, and a smaller drop in depressive symptoms.

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Early retirement is good for you, study shows

  1. How lovely. The only folks getting freedom 55 in Canada are government employees. The rest of us get pitiful CPP benefits and are encouraged to work until 70 while our tax $$'s go to bail out public sector pensions.

    • Ha Ha

  2. It would have been scientific if they conducted research as well on how much of those who retired early developed alzheimers, parkinsons, dementia, and other mental degenerative diseases.

  3. i'm moving out of Canada… it is depressing…

  4. iI retired at 58, two years ago, and planned to open a business that failed to materialize. Now i do nothing and it aint all that good but i still enjoy watching the hordes leave for work each morning but the feeling of glee has left.