SLIDESHOW: Egypt, a country divided -

SLIDESHOW: Egypt, a country divided

In this video gallery, Michael Petrou describes hopes and fears in the wake of revolution


Is Egypt becoming the next Iran? Read Petrou’s feature report from the magazine here.

Egypt, almost two years after the revolution that unseated Hosni Mubarak, is a divided country, Maclean’s foreign correspondent Michael Petrou reports.

As he explains in the current issue of the magazine: “many fear that what seemed within their grasp during the uprising in Tahrir Square—a liberal and democratic future—is slipping away.”

In this narrated slideshow, Petrou describes life in the wake of revolution.

Egypt in pictures: Michael Petrou narrates a slideshow of images









SLIDESHOW: Egypt, a country divided

  1. “Behold, I am Set, the creator of confusion, who creates both the tempest and the storm throughout the length and breadth of the heavens.”

    Naville, Edouard, trans. Egyptian Book of the Dead of the XVIII to XX Dynasties, Berlin, 1886.