Egyptian business mogul under fire over “offensive” tweet -

Egyptian business mogul under fire over “offensive” tweet

Naguib Sawiris accused of insulting Islam for posting cartoon


Naguib Sawiris, one of the richest men in Egypt, has been accused of insulting Islam after tweeting a cartoon showing Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in Muslim clothing. The telecommunications mogul has become the focus of a boycott campaign and an official complaint launched by several Islamic lawyers in the country. Shares in Orascom, Sawiris’s company and Egypt’s largest private employer, have tumbled as a result of the controversy, which comes at a time of increased tension between Egypt’s Muslims and Coptic Christians. A champion of secularism, Sawiris has been an outspoken critic militant Islam and was one of the leading voices in the anti-Mubarak movement that toppled Egypt’s government this past spring. Sawiris apologized for tweeting the image, which showed Mickey dressed in an Islamic robe and sporting a full beard, alongside Minnie, who is wearing a niqab.

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Egyptian business mogul under fire over “offensive” tweet

  1. Well, this reinforces the idea that Muslims have no sense of humour, doesn’t it.

  2. I don’t get this; Mickey and Minnie are insulting?

  3. They got insulted with anything. That is why there is Taliban, Al Quaeda and other less famous organizations that grow fed by the intolerance. 

    • There are, in fact, Muslim comedians.  This is a specific situation brought about by a specific religious group

      Kinda the way small christian groups complain about art, and have it removed.