Mubarak appoints new vice-president, prime minister

Appointments do little to quell anti-government protests in Egypt


The head of Egyptian intelligence Omar Soliman was sworn in as the country’s vice-president on Saturday, just a day after President Hosni Mubarak responded to massive protests threatening to topple his regime by ordering a full-scale re-shuffle of his government. Ahmad Shafiq, a former aviation minister, was also appointed prime minister. The moves have done little to quell demonstrators, who took to the streets again on Saturday in defiance of a government-imposed curfew. The Egyptian military has so far declined to intervene against protesters but is threatening to clear demonstrators from Tahrir Square in Cairo.

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Mubarak appoints new vice-president, prime minister

  1. 60% of Egypt is under 30…. there is a 40% unemployment rate, and Mubarak shuffles the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  2. President Mubarak appoints new Vice President….Is this a hint that Mubarak is going to cut and run?…stay tuned ….

    • He's indicating it won't be Gamal, and he's trying to keep the military onside….doesn't seem to be working though.

      • Agree…Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better…..

  3. When the leader is appointed we cannot have a democracy. Democracy occurs when the leader is representative of the majority and is elected by the majority of voters.

    • What they want is jobs.

      • What they want is democracy! Democracy brings jobs.

        • China has lots of jobs and isn't a democracy.

          • Agree with you up until the China/Egypt part. Not enough room here to go over the reasons there is no comparison. He'll be gone, just going through the flim flam most despotic leaders do in a world where such tactics generally work.

          • There is no connection between democracy and jobs.

  4. Hey! this isn't Sex and the City 2! OMG!

    • Speak TRUTH TO POWER!!

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