Egypt’s strange brand of liberalism

Congress of world liberal parties, including Canada’s, hosted by anti-Semites


Liberal International (LI), which bills itself as the world federation of liberal and progressive democratic parties, lists as members nearly 70 such parties including Britain’s Liberal Democrats, Germany’s Free Democrats and the Liberal Party of Canada. Its 56th Congress is now underway in Egypt, hosted by local member Al-Gabha, or the Democratic Front Party (DFP), a political organization both proudly liberal and virulently anti-Semitic. Consider the case of Sekina Fouad, a well-known journalist who also serves as the DFP’s vice president. In an article published earlier this year, Fouad dismissed any distinction between Jews and Israelis, the reason being “the extremity of the doctrine of arrogance, distinctiveness and condescension [the Jews] set out from and seek to achieve by all means, and on top of which blood, killing, terrorizing and frightening.” She corroborates this argument with an alleged statement by “President” Benjamin Franklin, asking Americans to expel Jews since they are “like locusts, never to get on a green land without leaving it deserted and barren.” (Franklin, who never made it to the presidency, never made any such statement.) Fouad is no outlier; that’s all standard rhetoric from Engyptian liberals. The country’s oldest “liberal” party, Al-Wafd, runs an eponymous daily newspaper that is one of Egypt’s most active platforms for anti-Semitism. Following President Barack Obama’s conciliatory Cairo speech to the Muslim world, columnist Ahmed Ezz El-Arab faulted Obama for insisting that the Holocaust was an actual historical event

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Egypt’s strange brand of liberalism

  1. Really excellent article. I wonder if the how the 'observer member' status of the DFP is different from the full member status. I would hope that LI would either revoke their membership from the federation or make sure that the DFP is not using anti-Semetic rhetoric for political gain.

  2. Lets see:
    Guilt by association. Check.
    Accusations of anti-semitism based on truncated, out of context quotes. Check.
    Taring entire political parties based on the alleged anti-semitism of one or two members. Check.
    A new low for Maclowns. Check.

    • You have a highly undeveloped sense of irony, don't you Robert?

        • You're always saying that "conservatives are x" and painting with a broad brush yourself.

  3. By calling it a strange brand of liberalism they explicitly dissasociate the guilt from other liberal parties.

    These are pretty remarkable quotes to defend as 'out of context' and 'alleged'. Which is telling, I think. Part of why I think it isn't *that* strange.

  4. Out of context? Perhaps you would like to put the referenced quotes in context for us.

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