EI hits a 12-year record

StatsCan reveals a 55.6 per cent increase in recipients since October 2008


There were 778,700 Canadians receiving employment insurance benefits in May, according to Statistics Canada. This is a 9.2 per cent increase since April, a 55.6 per cent increase since October, and marks the highest number of people getting regular benefits since 1997. The amount of EI recipients has risen in every province, with Alberta, BC, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba all reporting their highest rates since ’97.

CBC News

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EI hits a 12-year record

  1. Great, more bums on EI. go back to school fools!

  2. These numbers are silly – and journalists (who are math impaired) don't know what to report. % increases have to have a baseline – the baseline in this case was a time in our economy when we had record number of people employed (no talk at all about the sustainability of any of these jobs – a lot were nothing but warm bodies that employers needed to keep the store open and have no skills, education and experience – big surprise in a downturn that these people have lost jobs – but that is another discussion). So we start off with the highest number of people ever employed in Canada and then we see a decrease – of course it seems huge. But in all of these articles, I don't find an unemployment rate. So what are we comparing. Numbers, that have only been collected for about a decade (a decade that had huge employment numbers) , and numbers which really don't mean a lot since we have not much to compare them to. Journalists/reporters should never able allowed around numbers.