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EI to be extended to self-employed

Optional program allows those without coverage to sign up


The Conservative government is extending employment insurance benefits to the self-employed. Starting Jan. 1, 2010, workers will be ableto sign up for access to maternity, parental, adoption, medical, and compassionate care benefits under the Fairness for the Self-Employed Act. “Self-employed Canadians should not have to choose between their family and business responsibilities,” said Minister of Human Resources Diane Finley. The Conservatives are likely hoping the move will make them more popular with women, a demographic they’ve had a hard time attracting, and one that is overrepresented among the self employed.


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EI to be extended to self-employed

  1. It certainly makes them more attractive among me.

  2. Does this also mean that wage employees can start writing off their vehicles, lunches and that sort of thing, against their taxes?

  3. How the hell is this supposed to work? It cannot possibly stand by itself in a separate EI system, as those who opt out will be the ones who would have paid the most into it. If they combine it with regular EI, then it will cost the EI system a bundle, as only those who plan on using it will opt in. There's a reason why the EI system is not optional for the rest of us – cuz if we were allowed to opt out, the system would collapse.

    • maybe we should be able to opt out….i have worked the past ten years witthout interruption..if i had all my premiums back plus interest i could pay for myself if i was out of work …EI is a way of life for some people while other people have to work. And let's not even get in to how EI is used to subsidize seasonal industries.

      • " i could pay for myself if i was out of work"

        I feel the same about my house insurance. It's never burned down, so clearly the premiums have been a waste of my money.

        • you don't have to buy home insurace do you? at least you don't if you have your mortgage paid
          if they don't let us opt out of EI they should at least make it so that you get a discount if you work for a long period without a claim..i know that how my home inusurance works !

          • True enough. And goodness knows, EI doesn't really function as a bona fide insurance plan.

            That said, I'd be open to the idea of making some minimum form of home insurance mandatory, mainly to protect society from the cost of covering folks too short sighted to protect their own arses.

    • You've raised some compelling concerns that hadn't occurred to me before. Have these potential problems been debated at all in committee, or even discussed in the mainstream media?

      • Lets see ALL of the details & debates in committee because IMHO the cons will offer anything to appeal to voters. And, then I'd like to see our Parliamentary Budget Officer let us know how much this is going to effect our deficit, if Harper doesn't fire him first. Remember the GST cuts which, IIRC, equates to about $13B a yr. in lost revenues.

  4. What does the legislation mean? If the baby is due in 2010 July a parent can't collect the benefit because the person has to opt in for a year from Jan 2010?

  5. Depending on how this is set up, it is an invitation for fraud on an incredible scale.